Dave Davies of the Kinks to be honored Friday at City Hall

dave-davies.jpgAnd by City Hall we mean the miniature version in Van Nuys, where the Los Angeles City Council will hold Friday's meeting. Fridays are when the the council devotes an hour or sometimes more to proclamations and honors. Councilman Paul Koretz will do the deed to declare Sunday, June 9, as Dave Davies Day in the city of Los Angeles. "This is his first time in Los Angeles in a decade. Mr. Davies will be performing at The Canyon Club in Agoura Hills on Sunday night," says the Koretz flackage. "The Kinks were an amazing band that touched the hearts of countless fans, including right here in Los Angeles, with their music."

Turn it up — from "Shindig" on ABC in 1965:

Wikipedia says this about Dave Davies:

Davies founded The Kinks with Pete Quaife in 1963. His brother Ray, who became the best-known member and de facto leader of the band, joined soon after....

Davies was responsible for the signature distorted power chord sound on The Kinks' first hit, "You Really Got Me".[3] He achieved the sound by slitting the speaker cone on his Elpico amplifier, which he then ran through a larger Vox as a "pre-amp".[10][11] This sound was one of the first mainstream appearances of guitar distortion, which was to have a major influence on many later musicians,[7] especially in heavy metal and punk rock.

Davies later commented:

"I was getting really bored with this guitar sound - or lack of an interesting sound - and there was this radio spares shop up the road, and they had a little green amplifier in there next to the radios, it was an Elpico[...] I twiddled around with it and didn't know what to do[...] I started to get really frustrated, and I said, "I know! I'll fix you!" I got a single-sided Gillette razorblade and cut round the cone like this (slitting from the centre to the edge of the cone), so it was all shredded but still on there, still intact. I played and I thought it was amazing, really freaky. I felt like an inventor! We just close-miked that in the studio, and also fed the same speaker output into the AC30, which was kind of noisy but sounded good."....

Davies was expelled from school at the age of fifteen after being caught having intercourse with his girlfriend, Sue Sheehan, on Hampstead Heath....Davies published an autobiography, entitled "Kink," in 1996, in which he discussed his bisexuality at length, including a sexual relationship with Long John Baldry. He also wrote of the tense professional relationship with his brother over the Kinks' 30-year career.

"Lola" from "Top of the Pops" via YouTube:

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