Westwood and LAPD gird for protester 'fun run' this evening *

streetsc-lindbrook+westwood.jpgThe LAPD has warned businesses in Westwood Village that mayhem is possible tonight when pro-Trayvon Martin protesters target the neighborhood, the LA Weekly says. The LAPD is "beefing up its patrols" with the California Highway Patrol, L.A. County Sheriff's Department and UCLA police and has put out the word to protesters to stay peaceful or be arrested. LAPD West Los Angeles Capt. Evangelyn Nathan says that Twitter chatter suggests some participants plan to rampage like several dozen did in Hollywood on Tuesday night. "It's sounding more like wilding than a peaceful protest," Nathan told the Weekly.

The self-called Smash White Supremacy Fun Run has called for people to gather at 7 p.m. at Wilshire Boulevard and Veteran Avenue. Some social media activity says things might start happening at 6:30.

We will gather in upscale Westwood at 7 PM for a run around Los Angeles' more exclusive neighborhood. This is in response to a sensationally racist media narrative that:

- suggests a specific and pernicious danger posed by black bodies running through streets

- employs racist dog-whistles like "mob" and "wilding" in order to trigger white panic

- exaggerates the instances of physical violence - eliciting fears of the 1992 rebellion, the myths surrounding provocateur Reginald Denny, and has ensured the introduction to Crenshaw of more pigs, who are the number one threat to people of color and the model George Zimmerman himself emulated when he gunned down Trayvon Martin

- glorifies the violent practices of the LAPD's Chief Beck and his uniformed thugs even in the face of peaceful public demonstrations in Los Angeles on Saturday, Sunday and Monday

*** Note: This event is consciously ableist, although all participation is welcomed. Many intend to wear comfortable running attire and will run at whatever speed they are comfortable with. In the event of police violence, the fun run might quickly cease being 'family friendly,' but we trust your judgment to make decisions within your own family formations.

Reginald Denny is the white truck driver who was pulled from his vehicle at Florence and Normandie during the 1992 riots and pummeled by a mob on live TV. The reference to the riots can't make the LAPD feel at ease about the group's plans. Chief Beck said Thursday afternoon that the LAPD would be in an arresting mood if any trouble starts in Westwood.

* Midnight update: Not much more than a handful showed up, and those that did were mainly...runners, says the LA Weekly. One arrest, says the Daily News.

LA Observed file photo: Westwood Village high-rises

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