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Gustavo Arellano and Lalo Alcaraz go Hollywood

twoamigos-gustavo-lalo.jpgCartoonist and writer Lalo Alcaraz is working as a writer on the upcoming Fox animated show, "Bordertown," and OC Weekly editor and author Gustavo Arellano has a piece of the action as well. They both sound pretty jazzed about it, to hear Arellano tell the story at Alcaraz's (mostly) satirical LA website,

Want proof that Jesus does more than appear on tortillas?

Refry this: Lalo and I are part of Bordertown, the Fox animated show that’ll satirize the Mexicanization of America through the lens of—yep!—a border town.

Think about it: two of America’s most locos Mexicans...are on a primetime network TV show. Together. To raise DESMADRE. In an industry that still mostly casts Mexicans as cholos, maids, or… (ellipsis his)

We’re still pinching ourselves about it, about how awesome Bordertown will be and how lucky we are. And we want to tell our story, not only to allay any fears that the show is going to be a watered-down disaster but to show that the Reconquista has even reached Hollywood.

Is the show going to offend people? "Of course," Arellano writes. "That’s what comedy does. But with Lalo and I on board, we’re going to do our damndest to make sure that when Bordertown offends, it’s for a reason—just like we’ve done during our respective careers." Arellano, of course, is also known as the creator of the syndicated national column Ask a Mexican and a weekly commentator on KCRW, as I am.

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