Mountain lion cub killed by car on Kanan-Dume Road

p-32-as-kitten.jpgP-32, tagged last year, was not believed to be the cub hit by a driver this week.

A young mountain lion was hit and killed by a car in the Malibu hills earlier this week. The National Park Service said Thursday that the cub was untagged — not one of the cougars they have been following. This means there could be another female lion and perhaps cubs out in the Santa Monica Mountains that the ongoing research project didn't know about. The cub was three to four months old, likely a little older than the litter of kittens from P-19 that the NPS did capture and tag late last year. Samples of DNA from the dead lion are being tested at UCLA to determine if the father is known to researchers. P-12, you rascal?

Media: LAT, Malibu Times

Related: Miguel OrdeƱana, one of the lion researchers in the Santa Monicas, recently confirmed there is a bobcat prowling the hills of Debs Park on the Eastside. Scientific American blog

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