Stunning: Mountain lion family on camera in the San Gabriels

Robert Martinez is back with another stunning photographic capture of the pumas who roam near his trail cameras in the San Gabriel Mountains about Glendora. Watch the YouTube video above with the sound on. This time, Martinez got a mother and three of her cubs walking together. They appear unconcerned about anything, even the flash triggered by their presence. The time of day looks to be sunset or maybe early morning.

Martinez's cams have previously captured cougars feeding on a deer kill, black bears walking at night and during the day, foxes, ring-tailed cats, raccoons and other animals. The mountain lions his cameras pick up are not tagged — this is the San Gabriel range and they are not part of the National Park Service study of the lions who reside, more precariously, in the much smaller and more heavily populated Santa Monica Mountains.

Below: Martinez video of a mountain lion chasing something off screen.


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Stunning: Mountain lion family on camera in the San Gabriels
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Stunning: Mountain lion family on camera in the San Gabriels
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