Weekly: 'Six Reasons Why Downtown LA Isn't Cool (and probably never will be)'

stop-no-dog-pee.jpgSign on the Eastern Columbia Building in DTLA. LA Observed photo.

Downtown Los Angeles has come a long way and there's a real community there, Hillel Aron acknowledges in the LA Weekly. But that doesn't make it cool.

6) Popular does not mean cool.

Lots of things are popular but not cool - like the Super Bowl, or crystal meth.

The great video blogger Ze Frank once said, "Being cool is about not participating in traditionally enjoyable experiences and creating the illusion that happiness can be found in alternative, less enjoyable experiences. The degree to which other people around you try to emulate your alternative lifestyle and fail determines how cool you are. You're only as cool as people wish they were."

Cool people starve themselves, get neck tattoos and listen to bands the rest of us have never heard of. These things are not fun, and they are not popular, and that is exactly the point.....

5) People there are happy.

Go to a rooftop pool party in one of those loft-style buildings. Look around. What do you see? Baseball caps, muscles, William Morris assistants. You see bros. A party in DTLA is like a scene from a poor man's Entourage.

These people are happy. And there's nothing less cool than being happy.

Some of the other points he makes, and is right about, are that the downtown resurgence is too mainstream to be all that cool, and also tries too hard to be cool.

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