Reclaiming the alleys of South LA for parklets

south-la-alley-kcrw.jpgSome Los Angeles alleys are locked behind gates to keep out trouble. KCRW photo

A project is underway to convert ugly, crime-feeding alleys in South Los Angeles into safe, clean pedestrian spaces. From KCRW:

The Trust for Public Land, whose motto is “Parks for People” organized nearby schools, residents and others to draw up the plan.

“The opportunity for recreation and exercise are really connected to the alleys and sidewalks and the streets,” said Laura Ballock, Trust for Public Land’s program director. She said a lot of the parents in these neighborhoods work full time and a lot of the activity comes from the daily routine of a busy life. “That could be carrying groceries from the grocery store to home, pushing strollers and taking kids to different activities,” Bullock said.

She wants to make the alleys off limits to cars, and open to pedestrians, cyclists and yes, joggers....

The Trust for Public Land has spent four years building support among residents. They hold monthly meetings in Spanish at a nearby high school and lately they have been leading trash clean-ups.


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