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Abramson to grads: 'Like you I’m a little scared but also a little excited' (video)

jill-abramson-wakeforest-grab.jpgFired New York Times executive editor Jill Abramson gave her speech this morning to the graduating class at Wake Forest, streamed live online by at least two networks, and covered by a lot of news media. The Times “shines brighter than ever,” Al Hunt of Bloomberg News said in introducing her. “She leaves it better, stronger, more vibrant than ever....It is said she can be tough, no nonsense, even pushy in her passionate commitment to truth, no matter rank of party. That’s what makes a great editor.”

Said Abramson: "New York Times journalists risk their lives frequently to bring you the best news report in the world. That’s why it’s such an important and irreplaceable institution. And it was the honor of my life to lead the newsroom.”

Lines from Abramson's speech:

“What’s next for me? I don’t know. So I’m in exactly the same boat as many of you. And like you, I’m a little scared but also excited....”

“And some of you — and now I’m talking to anyone who’s been dumped, you bet — not gotten the job you really wanted or receive those horrible rejection letters of grad school. You know the sting of losing, or not getting something you badly want, when that happens, show them what you are made of....”

“Sure, losing a job you love hurts, but the work I revere — journalism that holds powerful institutions and people accountable — is what makes our democracy so resilient. This is the work I will remain very much a part of....”

“A couple of students who I was talking to last night after I arrived, they know that I have some tattoos. And one of them asked me, ‘Are you going to get that Times’ “T” that you have tattooed on your back removed?’ Not a chance!”

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