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Media moves and notes for Tuesday, July 8

Michael Sigman's house in Laurel Canyon.

  • On Monday's LA Observed segment on KCRW, I talked with Steve Chiotakis about a CHP officer's repeated slugging of a black woman beside the 10 Freeway in Mid-City. Listen
  • Longtime LA and Hollywood journalist Claude Brodesser-Akner is moving east to become the senior political writer for the Newark Star-Ledger, covering New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and his anticipated run for the presidency. "Those of you who know me well know this is about as close as it gets to me to winning PowerBall Lotto," Brodesser-Akner writes on Facebook. "It's also a dream job that I need to point out ONLY came true with the endless love, support and sacrifice of the world's hardest-working and best possible wife, Taffy Brodesser-Akner."
  • The out-of-LA movement continues. Michael Sigman, the music publisher and former LA Weekly publisher, is moving to Ventura. He writes at the Huffington Post about selling his longtime home in Laurel Canyon (above.) Sample:
  • Breaking up is hard to do, especially when you and your loved one have been together for a quarter century. That the object of your affection is a house doesn't make it any easier.

    Though the circumstances of my decision to sell are happy ones, I hate to leave my 90-year-old Laurel Canyon treehouse, where I can meditate for an hour to the rhythmic cooing of an owl and then hit Greenblatt's Deli in five minutes flat; where I know my neighbors are close but I can't see them; where cool breezes float through even the most stifling afternoons....

    Today, as my empty house and I sat quietly together amid the shifting shadows at the spot where the piano had resided for those 25 years, there were some tears. How could there not be? But there was also the contentment that comes from the knowledge that, emptiness-wise, my magical house and I will always be connected.

  • Pasadena Star-News reporter (and relationships columnist) Zen Vuong reveals in a column that her and her parents were terrorized by Asian gangsters in El Monte when she was younger. Sample:

    The first time I saw his hired hoodlums was freaking scary. Five guys rang the doorbell; my older brother opened the front door. The monsters barreled into our living room. My brother started swinging, but there wasn’t much he could do. It was five against one. They backed him onto the sofa (thank goodness it wasn’t the floor), and pummeled him for a couple minutes.

    The bastards delivered a short message about how we should pay the Taiwanese guy and then they disappeared for a few days. After that, they sat in a white Civic and staked out our house. There were always two or three of them watching our every move.

    Home didn’t feel magical anymore. We put cardboard against the street-facing windows so the jerks couldn’t penetrate our private lives.

  • The 60-second interview with Dashiell Bennett, new editor of The Atlantic's The Wire: "The biggest change you'll see is more original reporting, on top of the news coverage and opinion that we've always been doing." Capital NY
  • Reporters for BBC News are being directed to significantly curb the amount of air time they give to people with anti-science viewpoints — including people who deny climate change exists — in order to improve the accuracy and fairness of the network’s news coverage, according to a report released by the BBC’s governing body. Think Progress, BBC
  • Robert Salladay promoted to editorial director of the Center for Investigative Reporting. CIR
  • The Daily Journal Corp., the California publisher where Charles Munger is chairman, will appeal a notice of delisting from the Nasdaq Stock Market after failing to meet a June 30 deadline for filing financial reports. Bloomberg
  • The night in 1983 when the Los Angeles Times presses also printed the Herald Examiner and La Opinion. Framework blog

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