Harry Shearer: Nixon prepares to resign (video)

Harry Shearer as Nixon.

On this day in 1974, President Richard Nixon delivered a live TV address from the White House yet again — for more than a year Americans had become used to him showing up on television to make some spin or another about the Watergate scandal. This appearance was different. Nixon announced he would resign the next day and leave Washington. Harry Shearer reenacts the run-up to the final speech for his Nixon's the One series, coming this fall in the U.S.

Says Shearer: "Nixon was one of the great comic characters of the 20th century," Shearer says. "When I first began listening to his secret tapes, the revelation to me was the crazy conversations that went on in this place on the public dime. Stanley [Kutler] and I aimed to be as accurate as humanly possible in the way these lines are spoken, in the intonations, in the pauses, in the way people interact. Our job was to be faithful transmitters of this incredible record of craziness."

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