LA votes to move Santa Monica 'closer'

not-santa-monica-law.jpgLA Weekly/Kaitlin Beauchemin

It's OK to aggregate April Fools Day stories, right? From the LA Weekly's Kaitlin Beauchemin:

In response to concerns of painfully long commutes and generally annoying "far-ness," the Los Angeles City Council on Monday approved an ordinance that will move the city of Santa Monica “closer.”

Voting 12-3, the council overwhelmingly approved the measure to relocate the beachfront town, moving it “at least, like, 20 minutes closer.”


"A lot of the places that people need to go to are in Santa Monica, but none of the people live in, or around, Santa Monica," says Paul Koretz, a fellow council member and supporter of the bill. "It would save everyone so much time and money if it were just a little less far away."

The relocation will be designed by famed architect Frank Gehry, of course. Also this: When asked if he had any other ordinances in the works, the measure's sponsor, Councilman Paul Krekorian, said yes: "to move the city of Glendale further away."

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