P-22 has moved on for now, wildlife officials confirm*

Sean Browning/NBC 4 on Twitter

Sometime during the night, after the gawkers left, the mountain lion P-22 left the crawl space under a house in Los Feliz where he caused a bit of an international media stir on Monday. State fish and wildlife officials checked this morning for any pings from P-22's radio collar and didn't find him under the house. They're not saying where he is, if they know. The house backs up to the semi-wilds of Griffith Park, LA's very popular hiking and play area where P-22 has established his range since arriving from the western Santa Monicas three years ago. Of course, now we know that he also uses the residential areas around the park. So beware if you live in the area, until further notice.

There are no female lions (or any other males) in the Griffith Park area, as far as we know. So this saga won't necessarily have a happy ending. But for now, P-22's choice of resting spot yesterday proved to be a big sensation. Media crews were at the house late into the night and NBC 4 (at least) aired a live web stream from the crawl space for several hours. The station's chief photographer, Sean Browning, got I think the nicest shot of P-22 in his lair.

* 3:15 p.m. update: They now say radio signals track P-22 to a canyon in Griffith Park about a mile and a half away. KPCC

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