Video Exclusive: The Mayor talks Paris (and, oh yeah, WiFi)

Today I watched Mayor Villaraigosa announce that the City of Los Angeles hopes to have a citywide WiFi network operable by 2009. The kinks still have to be worked out, he said, like whether L.A.'s emergency responders will be dependent on a network run by the private sector if catastrophe strikes. To compare, New York City runs a dedicated network for their emergency responders, with the rest of the wireless airwaves open to private competition.

In the video the Mayor tells me that he personally favors using the phone over the internet. He also answers the question that many have speculated about since yesterday: what was he talking about with Paris Hilton when this photo was snapped at a Grammy after-party this weekend? I'll let him tell you:

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February 13, 2007 03:28 PM • Email LA Observed
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