Water foul in Malibu

The Malibu Surfside News reports that two of LA's most vital water-pollution watchdogs--Natural Resources Defense Council and Santa Monica Baykeeper--are readying to sue Malibu to stem the serious pollution that flows into Santa Monica Bay via septic tanks and storm sewers.

Pollution? In Malibu? Yes, and hence the irony that these gorgeous beaches--and my personal favorites--are some of the dirtiest in the state. Also, hence the famous "Malibu smell" from the septic tanks.

Now that the stars have aligned successfully to defeat the LNG port--which promised substantial offshore pollution--perhaps they could apply their high wattage (seriously) to clean up the pollution that flows into the bay from the city's roads and lawns and out of the residents' dishwashers and washing machines.

For this kind of news on Malibu from my co-LA-Observed-er Veronique de Turenne--who's out of town just now, so we're tag-teaming this one--check her blog "Here In Malibu."

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