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Solstice Creek cranks up the volume

Thanks the low mud-to-dog ratio after a rain, we head to Solstice Canyon for post-storm walks. And after last night's rain the creek has moved from running to racing and, in a few places, flooding.

solstice creek racing

Also, because the idea of them never gets old, a wild parrot.

good morning, wild parrot

The beach here this morning

As much as the rain, I love the silvery storm-on-the-way light.

wednesday sunrise

out to sea

paradise cove view

Bufflehead bath

Warning -- another bird video. Just can't seem to help it these days...

bufflehead ducks in malibu

Signs of Saturday: Bu plate special

The edition.

'bu plate love

Solstice Canyon creek (again)

After years of drought the sight and sounds of this creek (and the wild parrots -- hear them?) edges into the realm of miracles.

solstice canyon creek

Point Dume yesterday

A break from the rain and a break from work and oh the colors:

point dume yesterday

Every puddle played host to a bird:

quick bath

Seriously -- every single puddle:

bird bath

A California poppy was waking up:

california poppy

And miraculously no one else was around:

pt dume viewing platform

Oh my.

the view from point dume

Wild congregation

wild parrots in malibu

The wild parrots of Malibu, as loud and beautiful and busy and funny and unexpected as ever.


hello, rain


mist decends

Oh the muffin head

I should have seen it coming...

the puddle

The Tiny Labrador steps into the puddle and...

the tiny Labrador

Oh yes she did:

of course

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