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We have morning glories, too

purple morning glories

Purple ones. The hummingbirds here are very intrigued.

Owl boxes in Bluffs Park

an owl box in bluffs park

owl box at bluffs park

I love that the city has gone to the trouble of installing an owl box in Bluffs Park. Still empty so far, but with habitat getting gobbled up by development at a dispiriting rate, someone is likely to take up residence eventually.

The sunflowers are in bloom

sunflowers are blooming

It was an iffy experiment, growing sunflowers in a the confines of a planter box, and thrilling when a few hardy souls ignored the cramped quarters and gave it their all. It's a far cry from the roomy and luxuriant gardens up at the barn, that's for sure, but these sunflowers, unlikely and defiant, I may love them the best of all.

tbt: Morning light

cove pier at dawn

Sunrise at the pier.

Throwback Thursday, shot in Paradise Cove April 29, 2014.

I know Walt isn't alone in how he feels about 2020 so far.

Walt is done with 2020

Found art


Tune into the scale of it all and the little bird is perched in a magical sculpture garden.


the statue near starbucks in malibu

That's the little statue near Starbucks on Malibu Road, leading by example.

Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day!

Things have been kind of quiet here on the blog, pretty much a reflection of how everyone here is feeling since losing the little Labrador. But I've missed sharing the things that happen here so the hiatus is officially over.

Also, thank you so much for the kind and generous and thoughtful and encouraging notes about losing Daisy. You are all so lovely.

The datura have had a good spring

datura blooming at bluffs park

The solstice on Saturday switched the calendar to summer, finally catching up with the beach crowds that have been here all along. It's been June gloomy for the last week, low-hanging fog, a bit of mist, cool breezes. Today, though, just now in fact, the marine layer burned off, blue skies and ocean blue blending on the horizon.

Meanwhile, here's a datura growing in the shadows at Bluffs Park, mysterious and a little menacing.

Almost-summer colors

it's looking a lot like summer

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