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White on white

Pushed out to sea by the heat of day, the night fog rolls in with a vengeance. It swirls and snakes and hovers until dawn then retreats, a scrim of white, waiting.

morning fog

Cloud cottage

cloud cottage

It's all about the view in this house above the marine layer on Saddle Peak Road.

Jail break

jail break

When "stay" is just another four-letter word.

Signs of Saturday: 🔔

the shock of the old

There's no cell service in Solstice Canyon but not to worry, a relic of the distant past -- a working pay phone -- is there to save the day. All you need is something else from a bygone era -- exact change. (Well OK, you can make a credit card call, but where's the fun in that?)

Room service

Visit the Cross Creek shopping center these days and it's egret nesting season, about a dozen families raising their chicks in the treetops. There are multiple flights in and out as parent birds hunt the lagoon for food for their growing -- the baby birds are pretty big at this point -- families.

I love the closeup of the egret baby face, and there's a little video of two nestlings squabbling as they wait for a parent to return with lunch.

egrets nesting

egret nest

feeding egret baby

lunch time

mama and baby egret

egret baby face

egret food fight

egret food fight

tbt: Parenthood

throwback thursday: coyote family

Around about a year ago the coyote dad was teaching one of his four pups about the advantages of higher ground.

Throwback Thursday: Shot on June 21, 2015

Summer school

A little light reading on the Pepperdine campus.

summer reading

Hello, summer

It's the first full day of summer today and in keeping with the season's first heat wave the sunrise went from cool and misty and atmospheric --

hello, summer

first sunrise of summer FREAKING HOT in the span of about sixty seconds.

first day of summer

malibu heat

Heat wave

This isn't exactly how it looked when the temps here hit the high 80s yesterday but it's pretty much exactly how it felt.

malibu heat wave

Roof cat

One of the things I'll miss about this little cottage -- the kitty who lives on the main house roof.

roof cat

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