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Veronique de Turenne

Egret v dragonfly

He caught it but couldn't quite figure out how to eat it.

egret v dragonfly


102 in malibu today

It hit 102 in central Malibu yesterday, where Malibu Canyon acts like a giant bellows and funnels hot desert air down to the coast.

Monday morning heat wave blues

It's 80 degrees at 8 am, the air still, birds stilled, still more heat to come, so as antidote, some cool blues, plus a prickly pear as reminder of the true nature of the landscape here.

80 degrees at 8 am

desert meets the sea

monday morning blues

Heat wave

93 degrees at sunset in malibu

Weird enough that it's 93 degrees at sunset here at the coast, weirder still that 10 minutes later it's 95.

Signs of Saturday: Inquire within

um, inquiries is the word...

This place -- it's the former Beau Rivage -- just sold and the maddeningly misspelled sign is gone.

It's the first full day of fall

And Walter says:


walter at work

fleet feet

Solstice Canyon

solstice canyon

The creek is bone dry but the trees are still surprisingly green despite so many years of drought.

Miss Maisie does her happy dance

life is good

happy maisie

maisie joy



the birds

Teeny tiny birds holding an important meeting in Bluffs Park.

Misty morning

Marine layer this morning, thick enough to alter light and sound.

ocean fog rolls in

morning marine layer

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