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A bit of green, a bit of burn

The post-rain green season is hitting its peak and the dogs are lucky enough not to notice all of the missing oaks and the ailing oaks and the strange new outline of the Santa Monica mountains, still unsettling nearly two-and-a-half years post-fire.

fire damage lingers

happy dogs

it's green season in the santa monica mountains

The view from here yesterday

malibu on wednesday morning

The last of the clouds moved through yesterday. Weather reports all point to warmer days on the way and right now, here at Casa de (not-so) LOUD! it's blue skies in all directions.

It's Puppy Wednesday!

patiently waiting

Honestly? The exclamation point seems inappropriate right now. But also, thank goodness for a world with dogs in it.

Storm clouds

cloudburst over the pacific

A little bit of rain here today, but most of it out over the Pacific.

The latest batch of storms has moved on

rain rolls out

Clouds and sun and wind and cold but no rain.

Scrub jay takes a sunbath

scrub jay in bluffs park

This was in Bluffs Park the other day. We've seen him before and I think he's staking out his territory for the spring mating season.

Running water

This was during the surprise storm last week, but 60 seconds of Solstice Creek in the rain is very soothing right about now.

60 seconds of Solstice Creek in the rain

For no particular reason

Here's the sunrise in Paradise Cove on May 2, 2012.

paradise cove sunrise 5.11 am

It's the first day of spring

Bluffs Park on the first day of spring

Here's Bluffs Park this afternoon in between rain showers. We were the only ones there.

So, it's been more than a week

Paramount Ranch in the Santa Monica Mountains

Some blue sky between the storms.

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