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Silver sunrise

A week ago it was still raining; boy that was nice. Lots of talk now about the gathering El Nino, will it or won't it be strong enough to take the edge off the drought. Some consensus -- it'll affect us here in SoCal. Some cautions -- unless it hits the northern reaches of the state, no real drought relief. The LA Times says we have cause for optimism.

Meanwhile, that morning marine layer is keeping things cool--

sun peeks through the marine layer

...with a bit of drama.

malibu sunrise

And the sailors in the Cove are sleeping in.

sailboat at daybreak in Malibu<

morning in the Cove

Send in the marines layer

sun sets as fog rolls in

Fog, lots and lots of fog here at the coast keeping things cool and a little bit drippy. Here's the sun setting the other day as the marine layer, held at bay all day, rolls in to take over the night.

Summer, and it's raining

I almost forgot, since most of our storms come in winter (when they come at all) how summer rain feels. This morning it's post-storm humid here, muggy, a little buggy, and with a cyclone-driven swell rolling through.

Gracias, Dolores.

monday morning cyclone sunrise

monday morning sky

surf today

Who goes there?

Is that a fishing boat in the Cove?

research vessel in the Cove

Get a little closer and look -- it's a research vessel.

research ship

The RV Pacific Storm from Oregon State University's Marine Mammal Institute, to be precise.

rv pacific storm

The vessel and her crew have tracked blue whale migrations and, more recently, aided an Ocean Observatories Initiative to place buoys loaded with scientific instruments for the long-term gathering of ocean data.

Not sure what has brought them to Paradise Cove.

RV Pacific Storm from Oregon State

Sunny start to the week


Mid-July already? Although heavy traffic on PCH says summer is here, the cool and breezy temps at the beach tell a different story.

The view from up there

One of the few pleasures left in flying is the chance to shoot photos from above. Here's Marina del Rey, just before the plane banked and rose and we got swallowed up by the persistent marine layer.

adios, LA

Meanwhile, 450,000 of you visited Malibu over the holiday weekend.

Pay toll to pass

oh walter

Deck access granted only after a pat on the head.

Happy Independence Day!

Celebrating with a few photos of one of the most beautiful buildings in the US -- the Library of Congress.

Library of Congress

Library of Congress

Library of Congress

Our odd summer continues

view from point dume headlands

Hot inland but so far, temperate here at the coast. We've had raindrops, rainbows, and evening light so pretty, twitter has turned into a non-stop sunset gallery.

Aloha from Malibu

humid sunrise in malibu

Our tropical (ok, slight hyperbole) summer continues with moisture from another monsoonal system now moving through Mexico. The tiniest bit of rain here this morning and a softness to the air, humidity without the heat.

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