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Morning hawk

hawk watches

I'll think I understand the impulse behind falconry and then a wild hawk appears and it turns out that no, I don't really get it at all.


Eighty-eight degrees at sunset last night, not much better right now at dawn. Santa Ana season, and we're bedeviled by these devil winds.

88 degrees at sunset last night

Good (spooky) morning from Solstice Canyon

goodmorning from solstice canyon

We were first to Solstice Canyon this morning but we weren't alone. If you've ever been, maybe looked over your shoulder a time or two as the eeriness sank in then you know what it's like to be there, ushered along as the wind rises, whines and winds around you, as a thousand leaves shift and the sun stalls and every canyon ghost story you've ever heard about how this is one of the 'thin places' of the earth feels inevitably right and true.

Baby steps

too homesick to move in

Incremental signs of progress at Casa de LOUD! as we move in some rugs and furniture and even unpack a book.

Monday blues

Well that was an unexpected surprise, a tiny bit of rain with a side of power outage and -- sweet bonus -- the ocean a deep and denim blue.

after the rain

Signs of Saturday: True believer

Someone's pretty happy right about now...

(Plaschke's column is great, as always, but the video is on autoplay. So annoying.)

happiest LA driver right now

The giant coreopsis is sleeping

Remember this, the spectacular bloom of giant coreopsis that covers Point Dume each year in February?

giant coreopsis when it blooms

These days it's this, dormant as it waits for winter rain:

giant coreopsis, dormant now

tbt: Bob Dylan's caretaker's cat

As the internets go full Mad Hatter over Bob Dylan today, let's spend a moment with the Nobel laureate's caretaker's cat, who was a regular visitor to my friend Hope's house.

And if this election is getting to you, there's the nuttiness of the story Bob Poole did a few years back about Dylan's rogue port-potty.

bob dylan's caretaker's cat

Bob Dylan's caretaker's cat

bob dylan's caretaker's cat

Throwback Thursday: The cat belonging to the caretaker of Bob Dylan's Point Dume property. Shot on May 8, 2008.

This happened the other day

evening sky

Pre-sunset clouds as cooler weather moved through.

Miracle nose

maisie's nose

It's almost embarrassing how much your dog knows about you from just a single inhale. Their sense of smell is at least ten THOUSAND times more acute than ours, which is why they can sniff out bombs and drugs and even the beginnings of melanoma growing on your skin. (Of course that makes their need to coat themselves with dead seagull at the beach all the more baffling.)

Still, it's a fascinating topic that'll be in the news for a bit thanks to Alexandra Horowitz's latest book, "Being a Dog", which is all about the miracles and mysteries of the canine nose. She did a great interview on Fresh Air that'll destroy forever any illusions you may have that you've managed to sneak a cookie in the kitchen with your dog none the wiser.

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