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Signs of Saturday: Bu Boo plate special

bu plate

Happy Father's Day

Coyote pup sneaks away from his littermates to join his father, who's on lookout duty up on the ridge.

coyote dad on the lookout

pup sneaks up to join him

happy father's day

coyote pup with papa on the ridge

Shot on June 21, 2015.

tbt: Caught in the act

Ummm, what?

Walt's sentry post, where he kept an eagle eye on all departures and arrivals.

Throwback Thursday: April 15, 2015


green and blue

Longer days, warmer nights, and a light-hearted vacation-y vibe from the flow of visitors to our little town, all of it a sweet reminder that we're edging into summer, the solstice just a week away.

The lone oak persists

lone oak happier after the rains

It's one of my favorite trees in the area, the lone oak, and after a winter of decent rain, it's leafier than I've seen it in years.


volunteer nasturtium

During the long weeks of May Gray and June Gloom (which we are about to sorely miss as the first of who knows how many heat waves bears down on us) the glow of these jewel-like flowers from the underbrush and near creek beds all over Malibu was irresistible.

First it rained and then the sun came out

paradise cove evening

Rain. Then sun.

Also, traffic.

Signs of Saturday: Bu plate special

The regional 'can't quite decide' variation:

bu plate tahoe edition

tbt: The fog

santa monica mountains fog

From a drive over the crest of the Santa Monica Mountains last year, in the fog that followed the rain.

Throwback Thursday: on Kanan Road, shot on January 18, 2016

Sorry to be repetitive but...'s peak June Gloom and here on the sea side of the mountains, we're socked in. A little bit chilly and very gray, with low skies and muddy light.

So once again, here's the other edge of the marine layer, caught by the mountains, pushed back by warmth, drifting, evaporating.

the climate divide

marine layer tries its best

another day, a new marine layer

June Gloom in Malibu

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