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It's going to be 100 degrees today so...

Let's look at water:


swell today


Better now.

tbt: Rain

more rain

Throwback Thursday: Rainy day on Jan. 21, 2010.

Sadly, that hillside is now gone, a bloated mega-mansion in its place.

Food fight

When you see pelicans fishing these days, chances are you'll also see some Heermann's gulls. Small and nimble, the gull stalks a pelican in hopes that, in that unguarded instant when the pelican lobs its catch from its pouch to its gullet, the gull can dart in and steal it.

As a devoted member of Team Pelican, I am happy to report that this morning, the pelicans won. They do this thing where, after bobbing to the surface with their meal, they keep their heads dropped, bills dipped down in the water. The instant the tide or the surf or a split second of inattention moves the gull out of range, whoosh!, the pelican does a successful toss-and-swallow.

Pelican splashes, gulls stalk.

gulls try to steal pelican catch

The 'dip your bill' maneuver.

pelican and gulls

Pelican 1, gull 0.


Go pelicans!

The visitor

Coyote again, listening for gophers at the fence line.

hello again, coyote

standing above his breakfast


he hears a gopher


adios, coyote

Stuff we saw this morning

The post-rain coast:

paradise cove after the rain

A post-rain cactus flower--

cactus flower

...with a spidery stamen.

cactus flower stamen

And a tiny Labrador enjoying a sunbath.

miss muffinhead

It rained and so we walked

Woke at 4 am to rain, a sound so rare it lifts you from the deepest sleep. This morning, the Point Dume headlands, where crowds had yet to arrive.

The view to the south:

post-rain point dume

Out to sea:

out to sea after the rain

To the north:

view from point dume headlands

And above, where pelicans cruised the current.

pelicans in flight

Signs of Saturday: Woof

I'm happy to report that Walt and Maisie, two very goooood K9s, had their heads out the other window when this went by.



tbt (+ 24 hours)

My favorite thing about Throwback Thursday is the cultural cover it provides for posting photos Maisie with her (and my) beloved Jake.

jake and maisie

Aug. 10 2008 on the road formerly known as De Butts Terrace.


october in the santa monica mtns

An autumnal antidote to the Christmas decorations (the music isn't far behind) now showing up somewhere near you.

Wind shift

This morning, when a flannel shirt felt right, the flare from the rising sun made the photo seem too hot. But now an afternoon wind sweeps the scent of drying sage down the canyon and I fear the photo isn't nearly hot enough.

paradise cove morning

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