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Not to be repetitive but...

...the beach here this morning. Still pretty OK.

the monday beach


Almost as though they knew it's the weekend, the dogs had a celebration on the beach this morning. Walt started it:

beach run

he started it

walt takes a corner

catch me if you can



But Maisie finished it.

joy of the chase

beach battle

not bad for 8 years old

Well done, Tiny Labrador.

wet walt

Open road

PCH just south of Mugu Rock -- still one of my favorite local drives.

pch south of mugu rock

Miss Patsy

that was then: Patsy at the beach

As in, we miss her.

Miss Patsy

A lot.

Miss Patsy

Good morning

Morning dog:

miss maisie

Morning mist:

cove pier


Morning ride:



Morning vista:


The truth of the matter

Already 83 degrees here at 9 a.m. and...well, I've got nothing else.

Hot. Too hot.

hot hot hot

Walter would prefer to chase the ball from the shade of his bunker.

walter believes in climate change

Once upon a time... was 37 degrees and raining.

freezing rain

Ahhh, fairy tales.

Drought takes the lake

Remember this, the little mountain lake last March?

morning lake

Now it's this, a little mountain meadow:

the lake vanishes

Garden envy

garden in the canyon

Ever since I had to give up on my garden up at the barn thanks to the endless gopher invasion (one time, as I was looking at a lone pepper plant, it shook and poof! vanished into the ground) I look wistfully at this neighboring garden that flourishes without so much as an inch of chicken wire.

Goodnight, supermoon

Apogee, perigee, frequency -- all I know is this crazy supermoon had the house lit up and the coyotes howling all night long.

moonset in malibu

supermoon sets

goodnight supermoon

supermoon # 3 of summer

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