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Veronique de Turenne

It's the first day of spring!

maisie with a daisy

Happy vernal equinox!

The fog


Wildflowers -- this is penstemon, yes? -- enjoying our ongoing fog event.

Signs of Saturday: Bu plate special

Seriously, the Bu plate genre appears to be endless.

bu plate special blend

Of course

but the rules are for the other people

Really, what other choice is there but to ignore the sign, climb over the barrier and trample the delicate bluff that's undergoing restoration?

TBT: Low-Flying dogcraft

The flying Miss Muffinhead over the years:

flying maisie

maisie jumps


flying dogs

maisie jumps

baby maisie and her beloved jake

maisie and her ball

fast maisie


Oh Maisie...

Throwback Thursday: Eleven years of Maisie in flight. :)

Rhymes with March

Five days in a row of coastal fog in May or June and we've got gray and gloom to describe it. But March? Uncharted foggy territory.

foggy morning at legacy park

fog foggy foggier

walter in the mist

(This is Legacy Park in Malibu, btw.)

Malibu moment

Drifting fog, wild parrots and the traffic on PCH.

fog rolls in

When in doubt...


the love affair continues

Still can't get used to all of this green

greeniest green greenery



Can't quite work up a narrative for the broken bike and the lone bedroom slipper abandoned at Solstice Canyon last week.


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