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Morning beach

Paradise Cove sunrise 22 march 2011

Paradise Cove on March 22, 2011.

'Bu plate extra-special

Regular readers of this blog know we've been tracking iterations of the Malibu vanity plate for several years. Now, the family that has owned THE Malibu vanity plate has decided to auction it off. From The Malibu Times:

For those filled with Malibu pride, you now have the chance to channel that pride through your license plate. The Malibu Times received word that a California license plate with the word "Malibu" is up for grabs for a cool $85,000.

And that's just the starting bid.

For more information on the plate...

The rest of the info is at the Malibu Times web site.

bu plate zero

Taken on July 9, 2017 in the Ralphs parking lot.

It's Puppy Wednesday!

And look who decided that the clock just had to be wrong and therefor the sleeping human needed an extra nudge:

wake up you foolish human

Hummingbird takes a break

hummingbird and yucca

Bluffs Park on November 25, 2007

Let's step back in time

Old Rindge Railroad Trestle

It's already heroic that May Rindge bested the fat cats of the Union Pacific Railroad by building her own full-gauge railroad along the Malibu coast, but the fact that it entailed the creation of this crazy trestle is even more amazing.

It spans the site of the current Paradise Cove restaurant and parking lot. And that mesa-like land mass to the right? It's now the upper level of the Cove mobile home park.

High tide

high tide

Paradise Cove on March 3, 2008

Signs of Saturday: The vanishing

kitty grafitto

I'm very sad to report that this kitty has been painted over. There used to be five of them around town. We're down to one, which I'd better hurry up and photograph before the We Love Beige Paint committee has the final say.


It's been 12 years (several jobs, one layoff, and six houses) since that first Here in Malibu post?

Oh my.

paradise cove 5.12.2012

Paradise Cove sunrise on on May 2, 2012.

beach life

Westward Beach on September 19, 2010

It's Puppy Wednesday!

poor walter

And to celebrate, let's roll back the clock one year and remember the early days of the Walt and Daisy partnership, when they were still working out the kinks.

Shot in Casa de LOUD! on August 23, 2017

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