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Veronique de Turenne

And so it goes...

The Surfrider Beach Club sign:

development = adios no more.

sign comes down

Egret at the pond


I love knowing that under the water is a pair of bright yellow feet.

Fingers crossed

solstice canyon staircase

A visual wish for a serene and peaceful week.

Puppy Sunday!

miss daisy

No such thing? Oh well!

Signs of Saturday: ♡ bu

Another entry in a popular sub-grenre of the Bu plate special.

bu plate special

tbt: Pacific light

autumn morning in paradise cove

Can't imagine anyone is more surprised than I am that today is the 11-year (!) anniversary of this blog.

Throwback Thursday: Sailboat in Paradise Cove, shot at 6:30 am on Oct. 13, 2007

This morning in Solstice Canyon

painted lady?

It's supposed to be a morning walk but with the puppy along it turns into an inventory, her second visit to Solstice Canyon and not a leaf or twig or tree or stone or shrub that isn't infinitely interesting.

So Walt and I slow down, visuals giving way to what you hear (the creek, the parrots, something large moving through the underbrush) and smell (drying sage) and feel (the breeze, so sweet, that breeze) while standing still. Until, inching along, we come upon the butterfly, just one, resting.

A painted lady? Beautiful.

Summer picnic

We came:

summertime blues

We ate:

summer picnic

We marveled at the sweet summer dusk.

cove dusk

Cooling trend

After a few hours of running errands on the warmer side of the Santa Monica Mountains, the cool swirl of the marine layer is always a welcome sight.

mountains block the marine layer

marine layer stalls

Signs of Saturday: Lifeguard


Plenty of work for our intrepid county lifeguards this summer, with record-breaking heat bringing record-breaking crowds to the SoCal coast.

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