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Signs of Saturday: Take me to the library

another kind of passport

One thing about living with things in storage is the weird little surprises that pop up when you go searching for that stapler or photo album or suddenly indispensable muffin tin. I wish I still had my card from Mazomanie, a small prairie town in Wisconsin, where the retired farmers gathered to chat at the feed store each day, and the librarians always remembered your name.

A minute of Solstice Creek in the rain

a minute of Solstice Creek in the rain

The creek bed was bone dry for so many years that these days, the rain and runoff seem like a not-so-minor miracle.

After the rain

the last of the rain

Hiatus is over and IT'S PUPPY WEDNESDAY!

40 seconds of dogs in raincoats

The dogs get restless when it rains, do that laser stare thing where they try to bend you to their will with their minds. And I've found the best way to fight back is to break out the raincoats and let them have their way. They get a quick walk, I get a good laugh (Daisy in a raincoat, omg) and they're happy homebodies for the rest of the day.

The edge of the storm

A few robust showers, each accompanied by patches of blue sky and occasional sun. Still, if this is the start of the rainy season (fingers crossed) we'll take it.

rain and blue and clouds and omg cold

Signs of Saturday: we miss you, Coral Beach Cantina

gone but not forgotten

Eight months after the Woolsey Fire devastated western Malibu, the Coral Beach Cantina, along with neighboring Zooma Sushi, was gone. I wonder who got custody of the wonderful sign.

In other news...


Even the dogs do a double-take when the airing of the gloves takes place in a neighbor's kitchen window.

tbt: Dinner for one

hawk has dinner

go away, human

Throwback Thursday: Hawk at Bluff's Park on April 9, 2015.

It's Puppy Wednesday!

Princess and Coco celebrate

Some of my favorite trick-or-treaters.

Photo by Tiffany Woodring

Non sequitur

I still miss the '49 Plymouth.

49 plymouth

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