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Signs of Saturday: Bu plate special

I'd pretty much lost track of which Malibu vanity plates had already been posted to the blog and which hadn't run yet. It came as a surprise to learn that we're up to 40 Bu and Bu-related plates. It's still fun to find them so here's another addition, in case anyone ever needs a Malibu lawyer.

bu law

A rustling in the reeds

black-crowned night heron

We were at Legacy Park the other day, marveling at the slow-motion fishing expedition of a great blue heron, when suddenly we weren't the only ones watching. There, a slight shimmy in the cattails, was a black-crowned heron, gently bobbing on his perch, his amber eye a jewel tone amid the greenery.

tbt: Sun salutation

Evening yoga on the summer solstice with one of the coyote parents who lived next door to the little Zuma Beach cottage.

downward-facing coyote

And because it's one of my favorite moments, here's a renegade pup sneaking away from the den for a little bit of dad time.

pup creeps up to visit dad

throwback thursday: coyote family

hello, papa

Throwback Thursday: Shot on June 21, 2015 at 8:08 pm, in the hills above Zuma Beach.

A slight rewind

egret takes a sunbath

This is from early last month, right about when this blog took an accidental and extended vacation. It's from a time before the heat wave and before the world was on fire, blue skies, breathable air, and a handsome young egret enjoying a moment's rest in Legacy Park.


daisies for Daisy

The daisies we planted in memory of the dear little Labrador are thriving, sweet and bright and cheery. She really lived up to her name.

Flight path

in flight

I remember how, on 9/11, one of the eeriest things was the complete lack of air traffic. For us in Paradise Cove, with a direct view of the holding patterns over LAX, it defined those first few days. The same thing has happened in the pandemic, with jetliners so scarce our skies our quieter, and an accidental glimpse of one while photographing sunset clouds, is actually a bit shocking.

The noonday sun

the noonday sun

This was Friday, the skies here so dark that the library parking lot lights popped on, easily outshining the sun.

Meanwhile, an unsettling piece in the Washington Post about wildfires in the time of climate change, where smoke plumes embedded with lightning and tornadoes reach 10 miles high, above the cruising altitude of commercial jets.

If you're moved to help, here's a decent collection of vetted donation links to help firefighters and fire victims, via the California State Firefighters Association.

The 9/11 memorial memorial is on display at Pepperdine


The campus is still closed so no walking among the flags, and with so many other tragedies unfolding right now, the effect feels muted this year.

In other news...

Walt got a new apocalypse heat wave haircut:

walt listens for coyotes

I'm not sure if you can tell from the photo but in the process of going gray (he's turning 8 in February; where does the time go??) he has developed eyebrows.

walt got a heatwave haircut

Oh Walter.

So many reasons. Our beach access has been closed, and so was Bluffs Park. That made the remaining hiking trails so popular with fellow quarantine-crazed Angelenos that parking lots filled up by 8 am. Also, depression, ennui, hopelessness, and a sprinkling of laziness. All of which, as it turns out, requires a bit of a learning curve to navigate. BUT life does go on and so here we go again with the posting.

Which brings us to Tuesday, when this happened:

hello, tv helicopters!

At Casa de LOUD! it started with a shouty voice from a helicopter telling a guy whose police pursuit ended near our house to get out of the truck. He didn't. Sheriffs cars accumulated. Guns were drawn. Neighbors collected. So did news helicopters. It lasted about an hour, then an underdressed suspect was arrested. A brushfire he may have started during his flight down Topanga Canyon burned 10 acres and was put out.

So, onward.

Also, thank you to everyone who wrote to make sure we're OK. I hope you're all OK, too. It's been a pretty sh*tty 2020 all around, yes? Yes.

pursuit on pch stopped near us

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