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Sad news from the Malibu Pier

Big waves along the coast, and big trouble -- a surfer died at the Malibu Pier.

Not much info yet about the surfer, who news reports say was discovered unconscious in the water late this morning. From KTLA, which has the most information right now:

The distress call in the 23000 block of West Pacific Coast Highway (map) came in at about 11:20 a.m., according to Inspector Rick Flores of the Los Angeles County Fire Department.

The man, who was in the water and unconscious when rescuers got to him, had been surfing near the Malibu Pier, according to Capt. Eric Howell of the Fire Department's Lifeguard Division.

Though lifeguards got the man to shore and paramedics took him to a hospital, he never revived.

The pier itself has suffered structural damage, according to The Malibu Times. Big waves loosened a piling and California State Park officials have shut down most of the pier for most of the week. Details here.

Surf is supposed to be even bigger tomorrow and lifeguards are asking people to please stay the hell out of the water.

Meanwhile, here's the surf near Little Dume this afternoon:

big surf on tuesday

Monday dogs

Believe it or not, Maisie was there first.

maisie and walt

But Walt decided she needed somewhere to rest her head.


(Thought balloon for Maisie: "Sigh.")

Misty mountains

mist settles

Looking north from the second tunnel on Kanan Road.

That was then


October 2012.

Fine feathered friend


I see this guy almost every morning on the drive down the hill to PCH. So handsome.

When it takes two hours to travel ten miles

Malibu traffic this summer has been off-the-charts awful and on Saturday, I got the worst of it. Kanan Dume Road, the main artery from the 101 to Zuma Beach, was gridlocked. Starting ON the freeway. And because an errand had taken me to Agoura Hills that afternoon, I was caught.

No problem, I thought, after it took 20 minutes to drive 20 feet. I'll ditch the worst of it by taking Mulholland Highway, already one of my favorite roads, back to Malibu Canyon and head home that way.

Great idea, except Malibu Canyon Road? Closed. So, long story short, I took Piuma Road. (And if you know enough about Santa Monica mountains geography to point out that to get to Piuma you have to drive down the supposedly closed Malibu Canyon road, I have only this to say: hush. Also, unmanned barricade.)

Piuma is, to put it mildly, twisty.

Piuma Road. omg

And steep.

Piuma Road. Deep breath.

But if you've never really had a sense of the mountain range that splits LA in two, then you should take a Valium and drive it.

Piuma vista

santa monica mountains


Piuma and the view.

You wind up far above Malibu Canyon Road:

view of Malibu Cyn Rd from Piuma

Where you get a great view of the Rindge Dam:

Rindge dam

the old Rindge dam

Why was Malibu Canyon Road closed on the hottest Saturday of the summer so far?

Las Virgenes road work

It looks like crews were replacing electrical poles.

road work in Malibu Canyon

And the payoff for all the traffic and detours and delays (and the joy of re-joining PCH at Las Flores for another stop-and-go half hour) was a vertiginous view of the Pacific, the color blue split wide open, that had the little point-and-shoot utterly outmatched.

the view from Piuma


A little morning fog with our morning walk:

fog rolls out

The beach here this morning

Low tide, low clouds, rising sun -- did someone say 'dogs'?

morning beach

Yes, also (out of focus) (hey, it's a point-and-shoot) dogs:


hey you

yes, you


Pop quiz

Raise your hand if you think I kept shooting until a seagull flew through the photograph.

sunset ridge

You know my methods, Watson.

Monday morning moon

monday morning moon

On my way to shoot the sunrise, got hijacked by the moon set.

And here it was just twelve days ago:


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