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Rinse and repeat


I know I've said this a few (hundred) times over the years but ooooh, pretty.

Eye on the ball

eye on the ball

There is nothing the little border collie would rather do than to chase and catch (and chase and catch and, well, you get it) the ball.

Autumnal, too

hello, fall

A touch of gold in the sycamores deep in the Santa Monica mountains.

There and back again

Pix from the plane, one of my favorite things:

Marina Del Rey:

adios, LA


catalina island

Two Harbors:

two harbors, catalina

Somewhere over New Mexico:


Wildfire east of LA, just getting started:

forest fire in east Riverside county

Hello LA freeways, you look even more alien from the air:

view from above: LA

Until next time

Adios, New Mexico, it's always so sad to say goodbye.

xoxo to new mexico

I'll miss your autumn rain:

new mexico rain

And your roof cats.

chimney cat in nm

hello, chimney cat

Glass fence

Among other things (pants) (no kidding) I forgot to pack my battery charger on this trip to New Mexico and because the power indicator on the little point-and-shoot capriciously moves from "fire away!" directly to "EMPTY", I've been as frugal with photos during this visit as in the days of actual film.

abandoned house near santa fe

That said, here's one of the hundreds of gently crumbling adobes that dot the landscape, some definitely abandoned, others merely decoratively melting. This one, I'm pretty sure, is home to someone, which means the glass fence will keep on growing.

bottle fence

glass fence

For lease

I don't know if you can read both of the signs but the oldest house in the US:

oldest surviving house in US

oldest house - santa fe for lease.

oldest house in US?

for lease


Here in New Mexico, far from SoCal's Ridiculously Resilient Ridge, we have rain (and rainbows) :

not just rain -- a rainbow too.

And nights so cool that autumn leaves are changing color.

october gold in santa fe

autumnal in santa fe


Vertical photos are always a challenge for the horizontally-minded blog but for the palms at Malibu Seafood, there was no other way to go.

palms at malibu seafood


A great horned owl, perched in the yucca a half hour before sunset, that's who.


daylight visitor

great horned owl

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