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Wasn't it beautiful in LA today?

the light

I wish there was a way to show you the layers of light in the oak grove, how it shifts and glides, slides in the breeze. Grasses moving, leaves moving. Time gone. Summer coming.

Most improved

Look who's not afraid of the ocean any more:

surf's up

walter at the beach

water dog




egret at the lake

It's mating season up at the lake and may I just say, eek. And yikes. Whether it's ducks or geese or grebes or egrets it always looks like someone's about to drown. And I get it, I do, that's just Mother Nature doing her thing, but seriously? Eek. And yikes.

Oh oaks

We went to Paramount Ranch the other morning with a friend, an equestrienne who knows all the roads and the trails from years of riding there. We took the dogs, Maisie and Walt and my friend's rescue, Bailey, and it was green and gold and silent, like a waking dream.

paramount ranch

happy pack

oak leaves

The view from here

blue and bluer

Let's gaze out to sea for a moment, shall we?

Ahhh, that's better.

Giant coreopsis in bloom

Our gorgeous, golden coastal native, the giant coreopsis, is now flowering on Point Dume. It's deciduous, so other than these few brief weeks, it's a stumpy, lumpy-looking plant. And it's a succulent, which means it can't stand up to frost, but can survive a drought.


Well, maybe not this drought.

the coreopsis at point dume

giant coreopsis, struggling

dead coreopsis

If you're a regular visitor to the Point Dume headlands, you'll see the flowers are sparser and the plants are browner than in past years. The bloom came later this year as well, didn't emerge until those last two little rain storms we had.

foot path at point dume

straggly bloom

The plants are still beautiful, of course--

the giant coreopsis in bloom unexpected burst of color and frilly green in our naturally sere bit of coastline.

yes, we're a desert

California, still the golden state.

beautiful giant coreopsis

(Be careful -- parking is limited at Point Dume. Law enforcement types patrol often, and hand out pricey tickets.)

You know what's ridiculous?

Thanks to Yahoo's latest changes to Flickr, I had to switch to the French language version to get the embed code for this video. Ever since Yahoo started with these redesigns, what was once a sweet little photo site has become slow and bloated. Needlessly complicated. As we say en fran├žais -- terrible.

So what's ridiculous is that what began as a post about the hummingbird wars presently being waged up at the barn (see le video) instead became this grrr-it-sucks Flickr rant.

Je m'excuse.


Any of Flickr's foreign language options will give you access to the pre-March 2014 redesign of the site. For now, anyway.

Trumpet vine up at the barn

trumpet vine

I love these leathery flowers, and that this vine comes from a cutting I took (years and years ago) at Barbra Streisand's former house in the canyon.

True confessions


This doesn't come even a little bit close to how beautiful the sunset light on the sunflowers was. Not even in the zip code.

Do drop in...

There's a pair of new ducks here in the little lake in the Santa Monica mountains...

new ducks in the lake

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