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That was then: Ocean Park and the Venice boardwalk

Vintage postcard folder of Venice and Ocean Park, sometime in the 1920s, I think?

Ocean Park and Venice Beach

the Venice boardwalk, back in the day

A teeny tiny bit more rain

66 soothing seconds of solstice creek after the rain

I was skeptical about the promise of rain on Thursday and yet it came, light but steady, enough to water the garden and perk up (yes, again) (no, apparently I don't get tired of it) Solstice creek.

tbt: The end of the rainbow

Can't believe this is already 10 years ago, rainbow after a rainstorm.

tbt: Paradise Cove on 12.22.10

Throwback Thursday: Paradise Cove on Dec. 22, 2010

It's Puppy Wednesday!

As requested by the 7-year-old here, a photo of sleeping Daisy with her tongue sticking out.

oh Daisy

Beautiful hawk

It's rare to see the raptors here at eye level. They're usually on a branch or in the thermals, high up and far away. This was so surprising we paused our walk for a good long while, close enough for a photo but far enough (and still enough) for the hawk to feel safe and to stay.

hawk from afar

hawk in the morning

hawk in the grass

A new coyote has moved into the neighborhood

The Cuthbert cottage, set high on a hill, overlooked the conservancy land from a safe remove. Whoever passed by, passed well below. (And -- bonus -- there was an eight-foot fence.) Here at Casa de LOUD!, the tables are turned. The wildlife trail sits just above us and the watchers have become the watched.

it's not an easy life

all ears

just ignore the foolish human

The deer here this morning

Burned out of their traditional territories, the wild animals here have been going through a slow but steady redistribution, pushing east, various factions vying to claim the steep slopes on the hillside above our house. Their scent drives the dogs crazy.

hello, deer

those ears

the deer are back

along the wildlife trail

Santa Monica Mountains in winter

in the santa monica mountains

That Mulholland Highway is a shortcut we get to take several times a week never stops seeming miraculous.

Sea and clouds and that's pretty much all

just a couple of clouds

Just because the colors were so pretty.

tbt: When it used to rain

tbt: view from Point Dume 2.16.09

The winter of 2020 appears to have been canceled, or at least postponed, so in the meantime, here's a shot from a stormy week in 2010.

Throwback Thursday: Looking east from Point Dume on Feb. 16, 2010.

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