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Before and after

Here we are on Tuesday before the rain:

storm moves in, Tuesday sunrise

And here we are this morning, just after:

wednesday sunrise, after rain

Hello, Monday

moody blue monday

Why so blue? Rumor has it there's more rain on the way...

On Mulholland Highway

on mulholland highway

I love country roads.

After dark

At dusk last night Walt went a little nuts, pacing the deck and growling. Since he had ignored the beautiful sunset two nights ago:

sunday sunset

I knew this one had nothing to do with his mood.

monday sunset

And then, on the ridge above us, something moved. Walt growled. Too dark for anything but a crummy photo from the point-and-shoot but still, look close, right there in the center of the frame. See the coyote ears?

coyote in the brush

IMG_2452 - Version 2

Updates from the land of wet dogs

Amid the patchy rain this morning, a glimpse of blue:

patch of blue

The wet birds were happy:

drying out

wet birds

Oh -- and you know those spray painted signs near city drains and gutters saying everything in the streets drains into the sea?

Here's the creek two days before the storm:

before the rain

And here it is after:

rain from creek to sea

creek flows into the sea

♪ ♫ Rain ♪ ♪

before the storm

A slow build with this storm, low clouds edging in all night long. Thick mist at daybreak, just a few fat drops falling.

The wildlife here is waiting, crows hunched on telephone wires, hummingbirds hidden, great drifts of pelicans high above, sailing, a steady breeze up there, not a wing beat, not once.

To the north of us PCH is closed. To the south you hear the Zuma surf. At my feet, wet dogs. (Yes, fragrant.) And just now, right now, the real rain.

No, this awful drought isn't over but for today at least, it's not getting worse.

Paradise Cove pier: No birds allowed

It's easy enough to see what keeps visitors from walking on the supposedly public pier in Paradise Cove:

closed: paradise cove pier

But what about the seagulls and pelicans the sign jokingly refers to?


Take a closer look and you'll see the network of fishing filament, all but invisible, that runs the length and, in places, crosses the width of the pier.

anti-bird wire

You don't need the occasional clump of bloody feathers on the pier's wood planks to realize that for sea birds seeking a place to rest, it's a potential death trap.

pelican death trap

Rain on the way

Raindrops this morning, just a touch on the trees but enough to move from dream to waking. So the storm's edging in, the first big rain in ten months. Can't wait.

rain on the way

storm moves in\


Let's pretend

Let's pretend that it wasn't 86 degrees in Malibu yesterday.

Look, autumn colors!



Tangerine sky the last few nights. Can't look away.


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