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Wildflowers in the Santa Monica Mountains

They've appeared a full month earlier than last year, these mountain wildflowers, but in this 4th drought year, I guess we're lucky to have them at all.

Here are more shots from a walk this week (and a few from last May, same flowers but better pix) with the oaks and sage and sycamores all growing and greening, doing their best to set the stage -- and seeds -- for new life next year.

sycamores greening

clouds float by

tiny and blue







Let's visit the lake again


This morning in the Santa Monica mountains, before the sun had climbed too high, the breeze was fresh and cool and carried scents of sage and pine and that mysterious mix of wet and dank and green that really should be called "lake".

Recycling the garden

In the trash bin they're garden trimmings; put them in a jelly jar and voila, a spring bouquet.

garden trimmings

Monet sunrise - and happy equinox!

gold and pink and so quiet

Claude Monet was looking over my shoulder and sighing as the colors swam and the sky smudged and the sun here didn't rise so much as melt into view. Not a bad way to usher in the day the calendar moves from winter into spring.

And PS: That bureaucratic black hole? Vanquished. And thank you for all of your encouraging emails.

Pelicans, because...

Your faithful blogger has fallen far, far down a bureaucratic black hole so here, the healing power of pelicans.

Ahhh, better now.


The weather is broken

After two (and a half) days of temps in the mid-90s, which is 10 degrees warmer for this time in March than the previous record, set in 1978, we here at the sun-struck and gridlocked coast see our prayers for rain as beyond futile and now merely look for overnight lows that bring sleep into the realm of the possible.

Meanwhile, stuff we saw this morning -- hot sunrise:

hot start to another heat record

Empty beach:

monday morning

And a hawk.

morning hawk

How can it be 91 degrees in Malibu in March?

That's it, that question -- 91 degrees? March?? -- is all I've got.

Well, that and two sunsets.

cooling off

thursday sunset

How about a moment of Walter?

If things ever get too serious all you have to do is wait a minute and it's Walter George 'Huck Finn' Clooney to the rescue.

once more?

second time

maximum joy




You're welcome.

With the beaches here so crowded this weekend, we headed high into the hills. A bit warmer than at the coast, but so much quieter, and oh so very green.

santa monica mountains go green


wildflowers on the way

sycamore white

Santana wind skyline

As the sun rose--

hot hot hot


...the moon set--


And downtown LA glowed on the horizon.

dtla at down

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