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Someone turned 1 year old today

happy birthday daisy!

Happy birthday, wild puppy!

Same as it ever was

the drive to home depot

There's a limited amount of change to be made at this point of PCH, where the mountains crowd the coast and and leave just a slim spit of land for the road to pass through.

Birds of a feather

A hummingbird and blackbird sharing a tree as the shadows go long and evening edges in.

blackbird and hummingbird



blackbird and hummingbird share a tree

Signs of Saturday: Chill

'Bu plate special, the lifestyle edition:

mellow in the city

bu plate special

Still green

green for now

It's just the blink of an eye, our season of green, and you never quite get used to it.

a minute with the birds in solstice canyon

You can hear the water at this point of the trail but it's running low and slow and you can't quite see it.

It's Puppy Wednesday!

hey roomie

Yes, that's an empty dog bed next to Walt and Daisy and yes, if that's the one Walt had chosen, then Daisy would have followed him there as well.

Sorry, Walt. There's no such thing as personal space when you're living with the wild puppy.

Private party

It's not really a secret trail because the entrance is right out there in the open. Still, hardly anyone wanders in and that's part of the magic. It's a narrow path through stands of fire-scarred trees (a bit more about that later this week) and if you're lucky, for minutes at a time you can hear birds and wildlife and the breeze through the leaves and not a single human-made sound.

solstice canyon secret trail

True confessions

The giant coreopsis bloom has begun along the coast but I haven't had the will yet to visit the Point Dume headlands because so many of the magnificent plants there are struggling from years of drought and really, it's just heartbreaking.

giant coreopsis bloom has begun

Signs of Saturday: ?


Usually with vanity plates you can at least get the gist. My brain goes to translation so it's 'and woof!'. Unless it's ET's dog.

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