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Dogs, for no reason

When Walt was younger he'd annoy Maisie with his disregard for personal space.

maisie and walt

maisie says HELP.

walt and maisie at the barn

And now, Daisy returns the favor.

Daisy is home again!

poor walter

hey roomie

The dry season

Bluffs Park is a tinderbox

It's the end of August and just as it's time to start watching the winds, the invasive plants that lit up the hills are turning to tinder.

The garden is doing pretty well

You never know which flowers will survive the night shift of wild visitors.

garden trimmings

courtyard garden gets a midsummer trim

The marine layer keeps visiting

So, a week whipped by. Here's the view from the bluff this morning.

dear marine layer, we love you

The Pepperdine lawn is never boring

goose horizon

Six geese a-lazing...

It's Puppy Wednesday!

And not a moment too soon.

walt claims the couch

Summer at the Pepperdine pond

summer at the pepperdine pond

Something soothing for these terrible times.

Flight of the bumblebee

a few seconds with a bumblebee

Practically the moment the salvia got transplanted into its own container, the bumblebees here began to arrive.

That was then: Santa Monica

vintage postcard santa monica

The cover of a postcard folder mailed on August 11, 1943.

Egret grabs a bite

egret fishing

Did I already post this one? Even if so, the cool and quiet of it feel just right for the onset of August heat.

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