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You know that fuzzy post-vacation feeling?

good hair day

This. Exactly.


sea plane to san juan islands

(be right back.)

Ancient sycamore

This tree -- my god, this tree. It has branches so long they skim the ground, a hundred feet -- no, more. No kidding.


Someone at some point propped one up -- see the metal post?


So it just kept growing.


In flight



Tiny plane, big sky.

de plane

A few minutes later, parrots:


A little later, more planes. They seem awfully close together.

planes crossing

Also, happy blogoversary.

Coyote speaks

We hadn't seen the coyote family here for more than a week, then a few days ago the father emerged.

coyote on the ridge

He paced the ridge, barking, an urgent and persistent call that sent the dogs here into a frenzy:

he's barking, calling his mate

calling his family

He descended the trail and listened for a while.

coyote dad

sitting coyote

Just a few minutes after he took off, headed into the little arroyo that holds the den, his mate appeared and followed. No sign of the pups -- only two now -- though we heard them last night, squeaky voices learning to copy their elder's howls.

Monday morning at the edge of the continent

Point Dume in the distance:

poind dume in the distance

Marine layer far, far off shore:

blue horizon

And Walt, enjoying the start to the day.


The view from here this morning

thursday sunrise

I don't know if you can tell how much beach got swept away over the last few days -- the tips of the kayaks are peeking over a two-foot drop.

Some people here say it's surprising for this time of year, that much erosion, but when I scroll back through years of photos it turns out to be not that unusual. The warm water temp right now? Definitely out of the norm.

Silver sunrise

A week ago it was still raining; boy that was nice. Lots of talk now about the gathering El Nino, will it or won't it be strong enough to take the edge off the drought. Some consensus -- it'll affect us here in SoCal. Some cautions -- unless it hits the northern reaches of the state, no real drought relief. The LA Times says we have cause for optimism.

Meanwhile, that morning marine layer is keeping things cool--

sun peeks through the marine layer

...with a bit of drama.

malibu sunrise

And the sailors in the Cove are sleeping in.

sailboat at daybreak in Malibu<

morning in the Cove

Send in the marines layer

sun sets as fog rolls in

Fog, lots and lots of fog here at the coast keeping things cool and a little bit drippy. Here's the sun setting the other day as the marine layer, held at bay all day, rolls in to take over the night.

Summer, and it's raining

I almost forgot, since most of our storms come in winter (when they come at all) how summer rain feels. This morning it's post-storm humid here, muggy, a little buggy, and with a cyclone-driven swell rolling through.

Gracias, Dolores.

monday morning cyclone sunrise

monday morning sky

surf today

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