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Wednesday with Walt

oh walter

You're welcome.

Even more May gray

Despite what the calendar says, with the Memorial Day weekend behind us summer is unofficially launched. Here in Malibu, law enforcement types celebrated by turning PCH and the canyons into one big -- and wildly successful -- speed trap. Visitors marked the turning point with the kind of reckless carefree driving usually reserved for the roundabouts of Rome. And the weather cooperated with a bit textbook May. To wit -- gray on gray with accents of gray.

Yay! Unofficial summer!

may gray in malibu

Weather or not

We have weather moving through, a system that could have (but didn't) drop any rain here at the coast. But with a chill (ok, 64 degrees) and scouring wind, the sky is doing that crystalline thing where colors glow and the horizon pops and everywhere you look, it's beautiful.

beach path

horizon clouds

north to Little Dume

south to Santa Monica

Wednesday with Walt


The little guy wants to thank you for all of your emails and hopes there's nothing too taxing on today's agenda. (And yeah, he needs a bath.)

Bluffs Park on Friday

bluffs park in malibu

friday afternoon

bluffs park

The city wants to build ball fields here, btw.

Let's obsess about the rain

But first -- whales! A biggish pod of them, at least four or five, swimming so close to shore -- see the baby? -- that even with the little point-and-shoot, with its time lag for focus and its time lag for the shutter click, I was able to get a shot.


And now, before the rain:

storm approaching

rain edges in



And right after.

after the rain

If only there were a way to share with you the heady aroma of wet dog.

Stuff we saw this morning

Clouds rolling in:

thursday sunrise

Crows besieging a hawk perched in the eucalyptus:

crows attack hawk

hawk under attack by crows

Wet Walt:

salty dog

Camera-shy Maisie:

camera shy

And a gopher (or is it a mole?) excavating a new burrow:

change of address

gopher digging

busy gopher

hello, new neighbor

Rain on the way!

Sunny to the north this morning:

sunny to the north of us

But to the south, signs that weather reports are right and a storm is coming.

clouds roll in to the south of us

The mountains here this weekend

Welcome to one of the oddest iterations of the month of May that I can recall, where the annual morning gray turned out not to be just the low-lying marine layer but also an actual storm, with actual (and measurable -- it filled up the dog dishes on the deck) (how's that for scientific?) rain. AND rumblings of future rain the the forecast.

To celebrate, here's a shot of the post-rain Santa Monica mountain foothills in Malibu, a bit of the Backbone Trail that we walk each week. It was chilly and windy, everything rain-soaked and smelling so good.

malibu storm

May gray

chilly and gray in paradise cove today

We're into Day 3 of low clouds and low light, the annual gray of May that, considering how unpredictable our weather has been for a few years now, is a welcome return to routine.

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