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Safe passage

grace and beauty

Farewell to my beautiful, brilliant, and courageous mom.

Two years ago everything changed

There's an odd kind of relief in missing the two-year anniversary of the Woolsey Fire, which reached Malibu on November 9. Our state has had hundreds of wildfires since then, each seemingly worse than the ones before, human and wildlife communities devastated, living with the consequences for decades.

the winds keep shifting

malibu pier as the fire grows

water tanker drop

tanker flyover as malibu fire begins

near corral canyon

our new street

everything burned

Upper level, Seminole Springs

near the malibu playhouse

cuthbert cottage

cuthbert cottage is gone

front house

front house after the fire

new channels appear with every rain

convoys all along pch

fire command center in Malibu

god bless the first responders

tbt: Chilly parrot

I'm sorry if you've seen this one before but he's so pretty, it's worth the repeat.

chilly ball of feathers

Throwback Thursday: Parrot on the Pepperdine lawn on December 14, 2015.

It's (sleepy) Puppy Wednesday!

a pile of sleepy puppies

A yawn so big it knocked her over. Also, puppy belly.

(Video is slow to load.)

Even more autumn colors

after the rain

It's all about the angle of the light.

The sunset over Point Dume

sunset colors

I love these autumn colors, too.

Silver skies

rain on the way

waiting for rain

I love these autumn colors.

Signs of Saturday: What a day

It rained:

AND it rained today!

Then this happened:


And a dance party got started in Bluffs Park:

dance party in Bluffs Park

tbt: The fog rolled in

We'll get occasional shreds of fog these days, and if we're lucky, smallish swathes, but the kind of fog that covers the ocean and muffles sound, grounds the birds and drifts high up into the hills, that doesn't really happen any more.

above the fog line

fogged in

sun on fog

Throwback Thursday: Fog in western Malibu on November 4, 2009

It's Puppy Wednesday!

You know who has no idea that the electoral college is an antiquated, divisive, and fundamentally anti-democratic institution? Sleepy puppies! (A reminder that videos on the site are taking a long, long time to load.)

sleepy puppies

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