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Signs of Saturday: < < < <


Curve in the road on Mulholland Highway.

Are you looking at me?

I love how, when the wild parrots see you looking, they give a little head twilt (yes, twilt) and look right back. (Also, those cherry-colored feathers.)

IMGhello, wild parrot_6027

wild parrot

tbt: Happy Thanksgiving!

thanksgiving 2008 sunrise

Throwback Thursday: A post-storm Thanksgiving sunrise in 2008

Colors of the season

Got to the Santa Monica farmer's market right as it opened this morning. The Wednesday before Thanksgiving the place always has a different vibe, a buzzy kind of revel.

Didn't find my favorite apple vendor (short, hot season) but everyone else had beautiful stuff.

Still quiet before 8 am.

the quiet before the shopping storm

Growers still setting up:

vendors get ready

Everything so pretty:


And abundant.


It's almost citrus season:

citrus season is starting

I love that grapes and buddha's hand are part of LA's Thanksgiving landscape:

buddha's hand and figs

If it weren't for these stacks of fennel and green onions and leeks, all of today's photos would be yellow and orange.

leeks and green onions


persimmons, pomegranates, sugarcane

And at Harry's Berries:

Harry's Berries

Savvy strawberry lovers got in line.

line for Harry's Berries

It's almost Thanksgiving!


PCH to the north of us

PCH north of malibu

When the drive includes this stretch of Pacific Coast Highway, emphasis on 'coast', even the dreaded Home Deport shopping experience becomes bearable.

Hang time

traveling hammock

beating the heat

Someone brought a hammock to the park. The whole time we were there -- about an hour -- nobody moved. Nice.

Stuff we saw this morning

Bird tree:

the bird tree

Road's end:

end of the hut road

Post-winds view of Catalina and the shipping lanes:

hello, catalina island


morning cove looking north

And obtw it's hot again, 90 in the hills above Zuma, high 80s at the beach.

heat wave

Signs of Saturday: Spell chekc


spell check

On PCH last week.

Old faithful

The temperature here crept up all night and this morning it's as though summer never left. Meanwhile the news from, well, just about anywhere right now is less than good so let's look at the view that (imho) never fails to soothe or, at the very least, smooth the rough edges.

paradise cove just after sunrise

tbt: Well-matched

tennis with jake and maisie

Jake and Maisie on the tennis court in Paradise Cove.

Throwback Thursday: Nov. 19, 2008

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