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The light here this evening

An afternoon of wild weather here at the coast with racing clouds, pounding rain, thunder, lightning, and hail the size of marbles. At one point during the deluge the sun came out and an entire cloud turned into a rainbow.

Here's the bluff at dusk tonight, sun sinking, colors surging, birds calling as they hurried home.

the light at dusk this evening

It's Puppy Wednesday!

Here's Walt, being handsome.

walt is almost 6 years old

The ponds are full

Not too surprising that after the rains the ponds at Pepperdine are filled to overflowing. Also pretty great are all the waterfowl who have been dropping by, cormorants and egrets and herons, terns and gulls and plovers, a few geese, who often cause a bit of a ruckus, and some beautiful varieties of ducks, their plumage color-blocked like abstract paintings.

the Pepperdine ponds are full

The sun came out

green green everywhere green

I loved the rain, the sound and scent and the relentless abundance of it, but sunlight has been pretty nice, too. And really, can you believe how incredibly green everything is? I swear you can hear things growing.

the sun came out!

That was then: The Long Beach pier

The pier in Long Beach CA

It's not just the clothes and the pier that are from a bygone era. Long before before the oil rigs went in and and the breakwater went up, Long Beach had actual surf.

And rain and rain and rain

ahead of the storm

A low-lying low-flying fringe of clouds the other day, wind-borne frontrunners of the newest storm, though with this grand procession of winter weather it's hard to tell whether they're leading or following.

tbt: Wet animals

Wet animals turn out to be a sub-theme of this blog which, let's face it, is really just a long long loooooooooong love letter to Malibu. Happy Valentines Day!

Wet coyote:

wet coyote after the rain

Wet hawk:

hawk takes a break from the rain

Wet hummingbirds:

wet birds

Wet spiders:

rainy monday

Wet parrots:

wild parrots getting wet

And of course, a wet Labrador. (That's the late great Maisie.)

rainy wet Maisie

It's Puppy Wednesday and Daisy is bored

The little Labrador doesn't have a very good poker face.

practicing telekenisis on her human

California quail

California quail takes cover

Part of the (endless) heartbreak of the Woolsey Fire is that so many of these sweet and beautiful ground-dwelling birds were killed. So it was thrilling to catch a glimpse of several quail families going about their daily business at the Point Dume Headlands.

A (bumpy) minute with a hawk

Between cloudbursts yesterday we braved the cold (oh hush) to find the sky above the bluff filled with hawks, four of them, soaring and wheeling and hunting, doing far better than the photog at staying steady and upright in the winter wind. Here's one of them.

hawk hunts between the storms

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