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Golden days

golden days

It's already here, that summer feeling of soft air and high skies and bird voices more concerned with the fine points of territory than the blunt force of survival.

You're lured awake by early light, by the salt scent of the Pacific, the days longer yet time shorter, so much still to do.

Morning gray

dry season starts too soon

In the absence of rain, we make do with a bit of marine layer.

Walking wounded

I didn't realize until I downloaded the latest shots that one of our coyote neighbors has been hurt.

working hurt

wounded coyote

my wounded coyote friend

Signs of Saturday: Iron Ranger

When you pay your four bucks to park at Charmlee State Park in the hills above Malibu, you slip your contribution into the Iron Ranger. Sounds vaguely foreboding.

iron ranger

Well that was unexpected, a one-week hiatus. Back now, like we never left.

always the window

tbt: Incoming

hummingbird in the cove

Hummingbird up at the barn.

Throwback Thursday, shot Aug. 10 2007

Fetch, Fido, fetch

rain-starved Cali girl stares at clouds

The dog I thought saw this morning racing down the lawn next door and into the pond? Crocodile. Too startled to get a photo so here's the sky instead.

Strange land

florida light

Inching past a display in a slow checkout line in Florida when a woman elbows her boyfriend, pulls a pink stun gun out of her purse and says "Omigod look! They sell my taser batteries here!"

From above

The hard part about the airborne tour of the LA coast is you only get it when you're flying out and away from home.

leaving los angeles

Palos Verdes:

palos verdes

Long Beach. There's the Queen Mary -- and the LA River:

long beach

San Gabriel River? Not sure.

san gabriel river into the Pacific

A slight turn to the east and already homesick.

goodbye, socal coast

Coyotes on the move

They're very wary, the new coyotes here at the house, and hard to photograph. The female shows up first, gives the dogs a quick glance then lopes up the hill and out of sight. She's not looking but check out her ear -- she's listening to us on the deck behind her.

shy coyote

new girl on the block

A few seconds later comes the rest of her clan, two young males, I think, eating up the distance in that quick, efficient trot. The sound in the video is the wind, which for a few hours, had the whole house rocking.

coyotes on the move

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