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Monday dog

I had another post in mind but it needed a lot of words so instead here's Walter, enjoying his idea of a perfect Sunday.

oh walter

Air dry

air dry

Warming up again after a dip in the pond.

Signs of Saturday: Bu plate special

My favorite part of this photo is realizing there's a beautiful dog in the back seat.

bu plate special

Odd duck

There's always a mix of birds at the Pepperdine pond but this was the first time I saw an egret hanging out with the ducks.

odd duck

tbt: SJI

hello sji

One of my favorite things -- the approach (hi Alex!) via seaplane to San Juan Island.

Throwback Thursday: Headed for Friday Harbor on August 13 2015

He's only 3!

The other day someone asked how old Walt is and I said 4, which made me kind of sad as that's the start of middle age for a dog and since his birthday is in February, that actually made him 4 1/2. So I checked the dates on his puppy pictures and omg I was wrong and HE'S ONLY THREE! (And a half.)

Just a baby.


Marine layer

A layer of morning mist against the layered Malibu hills.

marine layer, layered mountains

Monday sunrise

monday sunrise paradise cove

The minute the sun cleared the ridge the marine layer on the horizon broke loose, rolled in and changed the mood of the morning.

marine layer rolls in

It's continental

You're at the edge of the continent in much of Malibu, including this pick-up game of soccer that's been taking place each evening for the last few weeks at Bluffs Park.

soccer at bluffs park

One more 'then and now'

I'll (eventually) stop, I promise.





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