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Well that was unexpected

last remnants of the storm clouds

A crazy big thunderstorm followed by a night of light rain, then clouds, and then sun again.

Signs of Saturday: See Canyon

they have best apples

It's apple pie season.

tbt: Mount Wilson

Mount Wilson Observatory

The 60-inch Mount Wilson telescope turns 110 this year.

Oh how the world has changed.

Throwback Thursday: Mount Wilson Observatory
Aerial shot on April 6, 2007

It's Puppy Wednesday!

And here's Walt, patiently waiiiiiiiiiiting for a certain someone to finish the damned crossword and notice the very (very) good dog.

sleepy border collie


Did I mention that we've had a bunch of random rainbows lately?

random rainbow

Morning blues

sunday silence

Easing into Monday with something beautiful.

Balance point

red sky at night

That brief moment at dusk when neither the natural light nor the man-made ones are winning.

Signs of Saturday: Bu plate special

wide load

Yes, ZUMAMA holds its own in the Malibu vanity plate genre but really, all I can see is that dog.

The lone oak, still standing

the lone oak

You maybe can't tell from the photo but this year, the lone oak put out tons of leaves and had a very healthy-looking summer. Can't wait for the rains that will add to its life span.

tbt: The gleaners

parrots in the garden

parrots in the garden

wild parrots

One of the best parts of growing sunflowers up at the barn was that it drew the wild parrots.

Throwback Thursday: The garden up at the barn in 2009 and 2011

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