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Bright and shining Monday

it's so beautiful here today!

It's so pretty here today, the sky and sea so blue, with a fresh and briny breeze, it's practically a California cliche.

Hang ten one


One duck butt, that is.

Signs of Saturday: Wishful thinking?

I shot the plate because I thought it said 'dog'. Now I think maybe it's just oog?

oog? dog?

Ever the optimist, I choose dog.

June gloom, now a fragile visitor

People complain about the cloudy coast this time of year and I just have to shrug. I want a healthy marine layer, stubborn and robust. It's practically a character in Raymond Chandler novels, reaching from the beaches to downtown streets. But to my eye, it's been fading over the years, and in Southern California, less moisture is never good news.

So far June has had more sunny than cloudy days, and the marine layer that does form is pretty flimsy. Right now it's burning off, sun shining through, humidity dropping, temperatures headed up.

june gloom

It's Puppy Wednesday!

puppy love

Shot in the side view mirror so neither participant of this daily love fest got self-conscious in front of the camera.


The ponds at Pepperdine are, sadly, not kind to duck families. I'm not sure who the predators are but successive flotillas of brand new ducklings get reduced to two or three hardy survivors, sometimes practically overnight.

Here are two of them, paddling close to mom and leaving teeny tiny wakes behind their teeny tiny duckling derrieres.


duckling wake

Not much gloom in June

The morning marine layer kept faith with us all May, but June has been a different story. Just like last year, the mornings are bright and the afternoons are already warming. The summer colors are here, a few weeks early.

summer colors

Signs of Saturday: HEY BU!

My very favorite Bu plate yet.

bu plate extra-special

It's Puppy Wednesday!

happy (out of focus) Walt

I know it's out of focus but this is the essence of Walt.

Home base

Though the trio of young hawks have left the nest, they haven't gone too far. At least not yet. I got a few seconds (it was hard to keep him in the frame) of one of them hunting near the nest, and one shot where it looks like a few wing feathers are either missing or askew.

young hawk hunts near the nest

young hawk in flight

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