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42 seconds of dolphins feeding

42 seconds of dolphins feeding

It's very June gloomy here today so the video's pretty gray. If it had been sunny, though, we probably wouldn't have been able to see the dolphins in the glare. Whenever you see the gulls gather like that, wait a second and chances are good you'll see the dolphin pod whose leftovers they're feasting on.

AND if videos still don't play on this blog platform, you can see the video here, at the new and not-even-a-tiny-bit-improved Flickr.

It's Puppy Wednesday!

Daisy practices mind control

And Daisy wonders whether that exclamation point means there's a treat involved.

Take me with you

take me with you

The sun came out today

a break in the june gloom

Marine layer wafting in and out all day gave us a nice 72 degrees, 30 degrees cooler than it was on Mulholland Highway.


spring garden takes off

The little point-and-shoot always struggles with this delphinium blue.

That was then: Broadway at night

broadway in dtla at night

Bright lights, no pedestrians.

Blue and gold

bluffs park

tbt: Morning fog

tbt morning fog 9.06

Throwback Thursday: Bluffs Park in early September 2006

It's Puppy Wednesday!

walt says good morning

Walt between naps.

Look -- the Lone Oak is so happy

One of my favorite oak trees has struggled over the years, sometimes edging so close to the firewood end of the spectrum that I've feared someone would cut it down. Here it was thirteen months ago, scary-skinny despite winter rain:

lone oak

And here it is today, bending a bit under the weight of a newly-abundant canopy.

lone oak so lush after the rains

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