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Signs of Saturday: No parking



It's the weekend!


malibu sunrise

Thursday hawk

hawk eye

I love the early-morning all fluffed up against the cold hawk.

Wednesday cormorant


Green eyes -- who knew?

Happy birthday, Tiny Labrador

She's 11.

happy 11th birthday Tiny Labrador

baby maisie and her beloved jake

baby Maisie and our beloved Jake

jake and maisie hut road

maisie with a daisy

maisie and walt

Monday morning

monday morning sunrise

Fact: The sun rose.

Who knew?

how a Lab drinks

The mechanics of the Tiny Labrador drinking, because who couldn't use a laugh just about now?

The sunset here last night

Sunsets this time of year are not so much spectacle as a slow spin the color wheel, the far end of it lingering until the very last ray of light.

monday sunset, quiet and slow

After the rain

point dume after the rain

The view from Point Dume yesterday afternoon, icy air, surging seas, gulls grounded in the windblown aftermath.

Stormy weather

the storm moves through

Where once we'd get three days of rain we now get (maybe) three hours. Grateful for even this tiny bit and holding out hope for more.

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