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It's Puppy Wednesday!

on the scent

Here's the dynamic duo hot on the trail of...? If we could see a thought bubble with their dearest wish, though, it would probably be of dog treats coyote poop a freshly grilled steak, medium rare, slipping from a platter and onto the floor.

Also, it's Daisy's birthday today. Two years old.

Little purple flowers

tiny purple flowers

These are among my favorites, barely an inch tall, serrated, translucent, hardy and improbable.

Don't look if you're afraid of snakes

It's a gopher snake and yes I yelped when I saw it and even after confirming the lack of a rattle, the sheer size of the thing freaked me out. If we're being honest, just scrolling through the photo index of the snake site just now in search of an ID has left me a bit queasy.

Looks well-fed.

gopher snake

Even more stuff in bloom

everything everywhere is in bloom

Wild mustard and some kind of wild daisy, two shades of yellow duking it out on the hillside.

That was then: The pier in Ocean Park

Ocean Park pier

Gone without a trace.

Lizard season

Everywhere you go these days the landscape flickers, darts and starts of movement as the lizards face off, two at a time, three at a time, fearless and valiant as they do their tiny pushups to impress a mate, fend off an aggressor, and let even the enormous human that this is their spot and they'll stake their all to defend it.

lizard guards his territory

In case you were wondering...

Still green.

still green

That was then: MacArthur Park

Westlake Park, now called MacArthur Park

Once known as Westlake Park. A nice history of the place from Curbed LA here.

The rain a month ago on Point Dume

30 seconds of rain on Point Dume

Does this video even play? It's 30 seconds of rain on the giant coreopsis at the headlands last month.

Unfortunately the new overlords at Flickr have found a way to take things from Yahoo-bad to SmugMug-worse and in the process raise a vigorous middle finger to anyone seeking answers regarding how slow and buggy and generally unreliable the site has become. Very frustrating considering they have also doubled the annual fee.

If you'd like to relive a rain shower, the direct link to the video is here.

A touch of rain

april shower

Not much, but lovely.

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