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Wild blue yonder


Congratulations Santa Monica Expo Line!

See you next week --




A trail through Charmlee Park...


The spring landscape offers a bit of floral relief to the daily dose of May Gray:

wild nastrutium


Multiple sets in multiple ponds across Malibu.



Oaks in the hills

canyon oak

I love that this is Los Angeles.

Revenge of the freshly bathed dogs

post-bath revenge

bath? what bath?

fresh from the bath

roll in the hay

Signs of Saturday: Zuma Ridge Trail

With more time this morning I would have added a thought balloon above Walter's head filled with all of the complexity of his canine...oh who are we kidding?

It would say: ballballballBALLBALLballBALL!

Also, woof.

Walter waits

Sunrise rewind

morning cove

First light in Paradise Cove, sometime last April.

New coyotes on the ridge

Sun setting last night, birds flying home, bats just emerging and Walter starts to growl. He's caught a scent, heard something on the ridge, and that's when these three appear.

coyotes on the ridge

After a few quiet weeks, coyotes. They're new here, large and strong and healthy and fearless. They sweep down to the flats and the canyon goes silent except Walter, the growl a sustained tone now.

coyotes at dusk

They're eating up distance without breaking a trot, scanning as they move through the meadow. In a moment they're back up above and Walt's straining to chase, valiant if not very wise.

on patrol

new visitor

May gray

Classic May gray morning, low sky, cool breeze, sounds muffled in morning mist.

may gray

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