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Tangerine sky the last few nights. Can't look away.


The dog ate my homework

Over-exposed and out of focus, pix of fast dogs from a slow camera on a bright beach.

happy dogs

too fast

sand storm

Sunset, moonset

As the sun set last night:

good night, malibu

So did the new moon:

malibu sunset

sun sets, moon rises

new moon

Yesterday morning

Yesterday the sun rose:


The clouds were pretty nice:


sunrise clouds

Some neighbors paddled:


A dog waited:

walt waits

A garage near Point Dume caught fire:

fire, but not a wildfire


And you could see downtown LA.

All before 8 a.m.

downtown LA

(And yeah, that fuzzy spot on the bottom left of the lens? Dog nose.)

It. Rained.

OK, maybe just here in Malibu, and maybe for just a half hour or so, but today it's wetter here than it was yesterday and in this epic drought, that's amazing.

Here's the beach this morning as the clouds cleared away.

after the rain. (well, drizzle.)

morning clouds

almost sun

The birds, part deux

For a few days last week a school of bait fish lured hundreds of birds to the Cove.

so many birds

Cormorants dove, fish jumped, pelicans plummeted, the seagulls added a soundtrack.

the birds

hello, egret, aren't you elegant...


birds in Paradise ove

The sunrise here this morning

Chilly at the coast, low clouds, slow light. Not a sunrise today, exactly, but instead a lightening, a brightening of the sky.

lake Pacific

stack of clouds

pelican at dawn

True story

Yes, we have seasons in Los Angeles, and in fall, colors. (And yes, I say this pretty much every season, every year.)

Here's an autumnal moment or two:

california fall colors

fall in Los Angeles



Best friends

Sometimes Walt and Maisie get more email than I do, and to complaints that they haven't been as active on the blog as some would like, they have this response:

They've been busy running:

salty dogs

And wrestling:

love fest

And taking long walks in the mountains.


Honestly? It's exhausting.



For the past few days the Pacific has been navy blue.


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