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Field of (doggie) dreams

field of puppy dog dreams

All it took was a sprinkling of clover and suddenly things went slo-mo and technicolor, a John Williams score playing as the handsome border collie raced by with his wet and gummed-up ball.

Turtle spa

Just in time for World Turtle Day (seriously, who knew?), a few scenes of R&R from our local turtle spa.

turtle spa

turtling around

sun bath

Signs of Saturday: It's back!

the sign is back!

Last March, the wonderful old-school Malibu Beach RV Park sign got replaced by a soulless shill for some real estate outfit. Yesterday, the original sign was back in place. If you look closely you'll see it's a bit wrinkled (it appears to be a canvas covering) and lumpy but no matter. It's back. For now, roadside art wins.


When what you really really really need is for the news cycle to slow down for just one freaking minute...


(And yes, that's the sound of a flock of parrots flying by.)

Passing through

A replica of Juan Cabrillo's ship, the San Salvador, the first European vessel to reach the west coast, cruised by yesterday. And if you think commemorating that particular moment in history seems somewhat fraught, you are not alone.


The hawk chicks are growing

hawks nest

hawk chick peers out

If you look closely at the top edge of the nest (while forgiving the graininess of the digital edit) you'll see the baby hawk. And OK yes, it's actually called an eyas, but that word leaves no room his round little head or blunt little beak or how goofy he looks as random adult feathers start to sprout from his down.



De-cluttering the field of vision.

Happy Mother's Day!

happy mother's day

Hello, Monday


Please play nice, at least until the first infusion of caffeine kicks in.

Up, over, out

A bit of May gray surfing.



and down

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