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The bough breaks

Despite abundant rains last winter, the drought years continue to take a toll.

January 2017 in Solstice Canyon:

October 2017:

Just a little minute

thurday morning in malibu

It's Puppy Wednesday!

the wild puppy

Still not really a thing!


I didn't mean to stop posting but suddenly a week went by. Hello again.

good morning from Malibu


I can only report, I cannot explain why Walt sometimes chooses to sleep with his head pressed against the wall.


Still life


More than a little bit frayed, the table and chairs and sun-struck geraniums, but still loved, still lovely.

Lone survivor

lone oak still going strong

It's visibly worse for wear after the hottest summer in California history yet thankfully, almost improbably, considering the pace of development in these parts, the lone California valley oak at the top of Kanan Road is still standing.

Signs of Saturday: Home grown

I wish it was clearer but it was shot through the windshield at a stop sign just as the light turned green. Still, love seeing the vintage fruit crate aesthetic on a bumper sticker.

republic of california

Tbt: Ready for the rains

This was on January 24th:

greener after the rain

And this is now:

dry and dryer

It's puppy Wednesday!

Still not really a thing! (Except to Walter, who wants you to know there's also Puppy Thursday, Puppy Friday, Puppy Saturday...)

It begins with a pounce while he's sleeping:

surprise attack

The flying ears show she's not taking prisoners:
flying ears - her signature move


walt on the defensive

Ummm -- please help me?

walt requesting assistance

A pause in the action:
well, a little mercy

Wild thing:

wild thing


crazy dog

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