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This has nothing to do with anything

Miss Patsy

Just didn't want another day without posting to go by.

That's Patsy in one of her favorite spots at the Latigo Shore cottage a few years ago, one of my least-favorite (loud, lead-footed bully upstairs) homes in Malibu.

Back to the future

venice oil wells
Oil wells in Venice in the 1930s

California is already mobilizing against the Trump cartel's fever dream of oil drilling on the California coast.

From CNBC:

California has released its battle plan in a brewing war between the White House and coastal states opposed to the Trump administration's expansive offshore drilling ambitions.

The state's powerful land commission said on Wednesday it will refuse to issue permits for infrastructure that drillers need to bring oil and gas from offshore fields to land. Meanwhile, the California Coastal Commission, which has authority to review oil and gas activity off the state's shores, also formally opposed Trump's plan to allow new drilling in Pacific waters.

The hope is this strategy can become a template for use by the governors and congressional delegations of the other coastal states that think new drilling is a terrible idea.

Let's pretend

even foggier today

When there's no real weather for months and months on end, we make do with another climatic event that has become vanishingly rare -- fog.

Signs of Saturday: Bu plate special


OK, so technically it's not in the Bu plate genre, but it's very Malibu nonetheless.

Can it be Puppy Friday too?


Because seriously, what a face.

Slice of sunset

where the rain clouds used to be

There's a spot on the Pepperdine campus where the angled lawn meets the sweep of the horizon and every minute, as the light shifts, there's a new Rothko.

It's Puppy Wednesday!

coyote alert

Morning hikes in Solstice Canyon require constant coyote radar.

Malibu's iconic beach is the first time surfing history has made it to the Register.

From the Santa Monica Mirror:

The 160-acre Malibu Historic District is entirely composed of public property and includes: the First Point, Second Point, and Third Point surf breaks, the Malibu Pier, and portions of both Surfrider and Malibu Lagoon State Beaches. The immediate area of eastern Malibu now has three periods of California's cultural history represented in the National Register: the Chumash Humaliwo village site; Stiles O. Clements' Adamson House; and now the Malibu Historic District.

The Malibu Historic District listing establishes a new pathway for coastal conservation -- complimenting established protection models based on natural habitats or important species with those based on historical and cultural significance. The listing is site-specific and secures protections in state and federal coastal project planning explicitly from the point of view of the area's significance, in this case surfing. The listing serves as a qualifying step for additional state protections based on historical significance.

From the Malibu Times:

This is the city's third listing; previous two listings in the register include one for the Chumash Humaliwo village and another for the Malibu Adamson House.

Nonprofit organization Sea of Clouds, which is dedicated to "recognizing and protecting America's special coastal places," first pushed for the nomination in 2015, and secured letter of support from City Council through a unanimous, 4-0 vote at an April 2016 meeting.

A dedication ceremony will take place sometime this summer.

malibu pier


hello, Hurricane Marie

surf at the malibu pier

rainy dusk at the malibu pier

The fog

It's been a long time since the fog swept in like this, thick and fast and no-nonsense, erasing the horizon, obscuring landmarks, blocking the sun.

fog blows in

Will it ever rain here again?

too hot, much too hot

We have now had exactly one storm in the last 12 months. One. And lately it's been 80 degrees at the coast. In February.

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