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tbt: Spring sunrise

day breaks

Throwback Thursday: Shot on May 2, 2012 in Paradise Cove.

Pot of gold

After a day of intermittent rain and clouds and clouds and rain, we had a bit of sun and rain and, for what seemed like an hour, this rainbow bedazzling our view of the South Bay.

after the rain and the malibu pier

Considering the real estate market in Santa Monica and Venice these days, the rainbow's terminus seems appropriate.

Well that was fast

Thank goodness for the day-long sprinkles yesterday because here at the coast we've had another super-fast storm. About 25 minutes of pounding rain at 4 am and then, since dawn, steady clearing.

So here's a bit of Solstice Creek with no other sound than raindrops.

46 seconds of rain in Solstice Canyon

At last...

Woke to light rain this morning, everything everywhere quiet.

morning rain in malibu

Gentle reminder

use your gift

Light show

last light at bluffs park

Our string of instagram sunsets continues.

Wither the weather?

While back east they're dodging exploding cyclones, here at the coast our weather equals some mackerel sky.

blue and white

It's Puppy Wednesday!

Miss Daisy has the (well, a) hiccup

Like all puppies, Daisy gets the hiccups. A lot. She always seems surprised, as though it's an outside force, and waits for it to be over. As it happens, pointing a camera at her makes the hiccups go away.

Blank slate

fresh start

Merry AND Happy

Dear 2018 --

Please play nice.


Planet Earth

merry california christmas

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