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Another owl in another oak

It was actually a pair of owls we saw on our hike the other day. Heard them first, calling back and forth, disorienting in the bright sun of late afternoon. A rustle in the trees and one took off, a silent glide then gone. And then there he was in a different oak in another part of the canyon, still and watchful in the fading light,

can you find the owl in the oak?

another owl in another oak

I love his koala bear ears

the other owl

Another shot of that handsome owl

beautiful great horned owl in the canyon today

I just can't get over how unusual it was to see an owl in full daylight. There's a moment early on in the video from yesterday when a small rodent of some kind gives a little 'pip' in the underbrush. The owl's head snaps around and those eyes focus right on the source of the sound. Yikes. Later on, when he stretches his neck a bit to get a better look at Teddy, there's a blink and his pupils adjust, and it's not anything I ever expected to be close enough to see in the wild.

Two minutes with a great horned owl

two minutes with a great horned owl in Solstice Canyon

Unexpected company on a hike this evening.


It rained here, a sprinkle overnight, then a downpour later this morning. So we took the scenic route to Trader Joe's. (Spoiler alert -- it's all a scenic route when you're driving through the Santa Monica Mountains.)

it rained in the Santa Monica Mountains this morning

Happy birthday Teddy!

The 1-year-old puppy said a hearty 'no thank you' to the annual birthday portrait. And then she ate her tiara.

no no no no  says the 1-year-old puppy

teddy's 1 year old today (and hates the tiara)

no photos please

grrrr she hates the tiara

grrr she hates the photog

puppy vanishes

pch just north of mugu rock

Let's whistle past the graveyard with the brilliant blues and sunlight of my beloved PCH.

The marine layer these days

marine layer rolls in

We've been so lucky this summer to have a robust and active marine layer. This weekend, it even reached into Solstice Canyon, which is almost always hot and dry. You can be completely socked in at the coast and just a few hundred yards away, the sun will be hot and bright in that canyon. So here's 30-ish seconds of the marine layer moving through, so thick in places it erases the view.

In other news, Here in Malibu's spot on Instagram is getting to be a tiny bit more comfortable. Still feels strange to get likes and messages and followers you've never heard of. And I'm pretty sure we're getting our fair share of bots. But all in all, so far so good.

And in answer to more than a few of your emails, yes yes yes, the move to the url to Wordpress continues to be absurdly slow. But their truly sh*tty interface for new users, from choosing your plan to choosing your platform, annoys me so much that so far, I can't bear to follow through. But I will. Eventually,


sunday morning walk

An update from the world's worst blogger

a hidden heron at the pond

It's interesting how it keeps getting harder to post to a sleeping website. I miss the days of multiple LAO updates - the energy was contagious. Meanwhile, here's a beautiful heron resting in the reeds at the Legacy Park pond the other day. The recent influx of water has brought the place back to life. (And yes, the parallels are glaringly obvious.)

Work from home

home office

Three days after the baby Labrador got such a severe case of kennel cough that we thought we might lose her, she's doing well. Her human companions, not so much. No sleep and a backlog of work. However the home office is comfortable, and it smells nice, too.

In case you missed it, we're migrating away from dormant LAO to the url soon(ish). Meanwhile, feel free to follow on Instagram.

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