Photo caption update

Many replies to the call for captions were received over the weekend (thanks in part to a mention on the Mayor Sam's Sister City blog).

MSSC took a playful gibe with a suggested caption that was more of a journalistic cutline: "Mayor Villaraigosa chats on the phone in Westwood Village." Others, however, approached it in the spirit of The New Yorker's cartoon caption competition. Many hit on similar themes, in which case I combined ideas and/or edited them for brevity. Here are 10 that brought a smile (in no particular order):

* Just tell Rocky to get someone over here before they tow it.

* I just looked at it, a nice apartment, and cooler than the one in the Valley.

* Since you're off the next few weeks, it makes sense that you fix dinner, right?

* Did I leave my jacket in the newsroom?

* Don't worry. I rode the bike this time.

* ... a white shirt and a necktie. Ok, your turn.

* Of course, when I say "all reporters" I don't mean "ALL reporters."

* I STILL can't find Stan's donuts.

* Yes, round them all up.

* I've got wine and Chinese food. I'll be right over.

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