LA news recap for the DVR generation

Rewinding the Week of 3/24/2008

Misapprehension was the theme of the week. After it appeared that local graffiti artist Skullphone hacked several Clear Channel billboards in different locations, Clear Channel reps told Wired News that the artist may have rented the boards himself or herself. LA hackers and art geeks were not amused. A burglary suspect escaped custody from the hospital days after attempting to evade arrest in a high speed police chase that ended in a massive car crash. Perhaps she's a shape-shifting android from the future.

Officials ignored reports that sharks may be on the prowl along the Southland's coast. The Los Angeles Times learned not to take any document at face value. After the 2nd annual Tech Policy Summit wrapped up in Los Angeles last Friday, attendees were still talking about Qualcomm CEO Paul Jacob's admission that a tech talent drain may enfeeble America and Comcast's collaboration with "frenemy" BitTorrent. Controversy continued in the O.C's Little Saigon community over protests against the Nguoi Viet Daily News. Academics obsessed about obsession at USC. Steve Lopez unveiled a collaborative novel project on Perhaps they'll let the LAObserved Script Project do the film adaptation. A deadly explosion in Westchester highlighted dangers hidden in our aging underground infrastructure. Scott Gold visited South Los Angeles and found residents still plagued by violence. Heavy hitters from CAA testified about personal privacy procedures at the Anthony Pellicano trial. Entertainment conglomerates labored under the misconception that past business practices were consequence free after a judge awarded "Superman" copyrights back to the creator's heirs and Jack Klugman demanded that NBC Universal exhume its "Quincy, M.E." accounting books.

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