Rewind for the week of 4/7/08

New discoveries abounded last week. UC Irvine astrophysicists discovered a far away galaxy in the act of formation, billions of light years ago. A clinic revamped itself to provide Mayans in LA with accessible health care. Former interim LASUD superintendent, Ray Cortines, returned to the agency and revealed that being senior deputy superintendent isn't so bad.

Iris Burton, the child actor agent who discovered River and Joaquin Phoenix and a phalanx of your favorite child stars, died on April 6.

L.A. City Councilman Dennis Zine discovered that his proposal to modify Special Order 40, the Los Angeles Police Department rule defining when officers can inquire about the immigration status of suspects, is all the rage--it enraged foes and supporters alike.

Beer lovers learned that a tax hike may be on the horizon. Teens also learned about the high cost of alcohol at "Every 15 Minutes" anti-drunk driving programs held at several Southland schools last week. Unfortunately, students and parents had a real life demonstration of DUI consequences after a 17-year-old Newbury Park High senior died late Tuesday when his car rolled out of control on Pacific Coast Highway. One of the youngsters seriously injured in the crash was slated to play a role in his own school's upcoming "Every 15 Minutes" program. The world finally noticed that food riots in Indonesia, the Philippines and Haiti are not isolated incidents. Anticipating food shortages of global proportions, perhaps now is the time for SoCal farmers to reacquire arable land beneath foreclosed housing developments that had displaced farms during the housing boom. Asian circus elephants, Boo, Jewel and Tina found out that the show won't go on after Los Angeles Department of Animal Welfare officials banned their act from the Circus Vazquez, currently performing near the Panorama City Mall.

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