Book Hook

Lots of book news this week.

On August 30th, Skylight Books in Los Feliz celebrates the opening of its new space next door, called SKYLIGHT BOOKS 1814. The expansion is a special place for books on art, photography, architecture, design, fashion, film, theater, graphic novels, and magazines. City Councilman Tom LaBonge will be on hand to for a ribbon-cutting ceremony. Festivities begin at 3 PM, but an 18.14% discount will apply to purchases made at both stores all day long.

I am also digging the newest Skylight Books blog, Corpus Libris, featuring photo essays of books and body parts. Caution, not all photos are safe for work so peep at your discretion.

Speaking of books and writing, the September 2008 issue of the Southern California Automobile Club magaine, Westways, is out (but not online yet). Readers will find Barbara DeMarco-Barrett's guide to Southern California Literary and Book Festivals.

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