A look at Hennessey + Ingalls Hollywood

Henessey & Ingals bookstore passageThe Gang Awaits You
Hollywood residents received an early Thanksgiving treat when Hennessey + Ingalls Art and Architecture bookstore opened a new branch at the new Space 15 Twenty complex on Ivar, above Sunset Blvd, this week. On Wednesday, I discovered Brett Hennessey and his staff stocking shelves and helping customers. Urban Outfitters took the master lease and has developed a bustling alleyway of creative spaces filled with smaller, pop-up-boutique-type subtenants, including the bookstore. Brett told me that the Hollywood satellite joins the Santa Monica store, which remains on Wilshire Blvd. The Hollywood store will focus more on visual art titles yet carry the same mix of art and architecture books. There's a big grand opening planned for the entire complex on Saturday, December 6th. The Hollywood branch will also host author events in 2009.

Below are a few more photos of the space:
Hennessey & Ingalls outsideLos Angeles shelf

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