Bruno's Back

Tony Bruno has graced the airwaves in Los Angeles once again. Just a few weeks ago, I was highly critical of JT the Brick and Tomm Looney's show on AM 570, particularly their "analysis" of the Dodgers trade options.

I suggested that Fox Sports Radio consider replacing JT and Looney in the 7 to 10 PM timeslot with a syndicated program hosted by Tony Bruno, who I've always found entertaining. While Bruno doesn't know everything, at least he admits what he does not know, and he's actually funny. Well, this week Bruno officially moved into the evening time slot, and JT and Looney were pushed back to the 10 PM to 3 AM timeslot.

Now it will be interesting to see how Fox Sports Radio evolves. After merging with Clear Channel and AM 570, I learned recently that their licensing agreement to use the Fox Sports name expires within a year. What will KLAC be called in 2010? We shall see.

In the meantime, my own KSCR 1560 AM ( show has just two editions left. Tomorrow, we'll be on from 12 to 2 PM. Guests include Ryan Abraham of and Rivals, Joshua Robinson of the New York Times, former USOC Managing Director of International Relations Greg Harney, and Tampa Bay Rays Senior VP Michael Kalt will discuss the team's investment in the Florida Tuskers of the UFL. Next Saturday is our NFL Preview Show.

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