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An up-and-comer in the sports industry, Phil Wallace has worked in the front office of the Tampa Bay Rays, Chivas USA, and for New York's Olympic bid. Wallace is currently a Board Member for the Los Angeles Sports Council and the Southern California Committee for the Olympic Games, and works in business development for Hollywood-based Wallace is also the founder and editor of and hosts the weekly ScreenPicks Movie Show podcast. He was the first sports editor of LAist and has broadcast experience in sports talk radio and sports play-by-play. Wallace holds a BA from Columbia University in New York and an MBA from the USC Marshall School of Business.

Wallace contributes to Native Intelligence and wrote for LA Observed's former sports blog, SoCalSports Observed.

The Chargers move to LA on the same day that the Rams hire the youngest head coach in NFL history. Meh.
Phil Wallace says the Rams should appear on HBO's "Hard Knocks," among other ideas to help reintroduce their brand to Los Angeles.
Phil Wallace praises the bold stadium vision from Stan Kroenke, as well as his deep pockets.
Here are some suggestions for a fresh start in LA.
Ten years ago, Phil Wallace suggested that Andrew Friedman hire Joe Maddon as manager in Tampa Bay. He has a recommendation for the Dodgers.
Blame focused on Friedman for the Dodgers' early playoff exit is misplaced. Friedman is the man who will take the Dodgers to the next level.
Ten years after Paul DePodesta was fired for trying to hire Terry Collins as manager of the Dodgers, the DePodesta and Collins-led Mets ousted LA. What they need to do for next season.
Despite an MLB-record payroll, a budding farm system and a trade that brought in five useful players, some in the media are still upset.
Both the Lakers and Angels seem to be operating without a clue. The Lakers can't convince any top free agent to come to LA, while the Angels just had GM Jerry DiPoto resign after a feud with Mike Scioscia.
The Clippers new logo is like a failed Microsoft product launch. The Lakers should seriously look at D'Angelo Russell.
The Lakers front office has a chance to take a superstar in next month's NBA Draft. But if recent history is any guide, there's a strong possibility that they'll take a complete bust.
With the Lakers winding down a lost season, Phil Wallace offers five ways that the team can get back on track.
The Dodgers makeover continues as Andrew Friedman makes more bold transactions that should setup the team well for the future.
The Dodgers made two bold trades today that helped them get younger and deeper. While the trades may confuse fans, they can trust Andrew Friedman has the organization on the right path, says Phil Wallace.
The Dodgers have hired baseball's best GM, says Phil Wallace, who used to work for the Tampa Bay Rays.
As the Dodgers end another season with a disappointing playoff loss to the Cardinals, Phil Wallace looks at what they should do for next year.
The Dodgers do need help in the back of their rotation. But giving up a top prospect for an ace like David Price would be a huge mistake.
Without a coach or a competitive roster, the Lakers seem to have no vision for the future.
As the Lakers look to hire a new coach, they should examine traits of other successful coaching hires.
With the Dodgers failing to meet expectations, one could look at their defensive woes as a reason for their struggles.
After Donald Sterling sells the Clippers, their new owners should break ties with the organization's losing past and establish a new identity with a fresh rebrand. Phil Wallace argues the case for a new name, and offers some ideas for what that name could be.
The Clippers are on the verge of getting a new owner and the Lakers need a coach. Both have an opportunity to boost the fortunes of their franchises.
With the Lakers worst-ever season in Los Angeles ending this week, it's time to look ahead. What should the Lakers do next to reverse their fortunes?
Dr. Frank Jobe saved the careers of hundreds of pitchers, but many top arms continue to break down. It's not good for baseball, and MLB needs to look into better injury prevention mechanisms.
Phil Wallace comments on the demise of Chivas USA, the Lakers at the trade deadline, and the Dodgers and Angels in spring training.
Despite numerous injuries to Lakers players, Mike D'Antoni deserves criticism for his coaching job this season. Don't get too excited about Stan Kroenke's land purchase. And Petros Papadakis is worth listening to at a USC basketball game. Phil Wallace looks at those issues and more around the LA sports scene.
It's baffling that Jerry Buss made his son Jim the "Owner/GM" of the team, when he should have known better. Now that the Lakers are failing under Jim's leadership, it's time to transfer control of basketball operations to future brother-in-law Phil Jackson.
As the Lakers continue to struggle, it's time recognize reality. The Lakers will have to get worse this season in order to get better.
Despite a meciocre record at Washington, Steve Sarkisian has been hired as USC's head coach. It may work out, but Phil Wallace says it wasn't his first choice. Interestingly, this move could lead to Jim Mora, Jr's departure from UCLA.
The Lakers signed Kobe Bryant to huge contract extension when they didn't need to. Their faith that it will work out is troubling, says Phil Wallace.
USC is rumored to be considering hot coaching names like Kevin Sumlin, Chris Petersen, and Jack Del Rio. But Phil Wallace says the Trojans may already have the right fit in interim head coach Ed Orgeron.
With yesterday's news about Don Mattingly, Matt Kemp, Alexander Guerrero, and Sue Falsone, Phil Wallace points out six new things we've learned about the Dodgers under Guggenheim Baseball Management.
The Dodgers season may be over, but it's never too early to look ahead. Phil Wallace offers his take on what the Dodgers can do to reach the next level.
Despite taking over a tough situation, Lane Kiffin's USC football team was regressing, and a change was justified. It will be interesting to see who the Trojans turn to next.
Two NFL teams have reportedly contacted Hollywood Park about building a stadium there. Does it have any chance of happening?
With the organization being sued for discrimination, Chivas USA was the subject of an HBO Real Sports feature that further embarrassed a franchise that has been reeling since Jorge Vergara took control last year.
The Lakers may have of tons cap space next season, but there won't be any good players to use it on. Fans are delusional if they think LeBron James or Carmelo Anthony will come here, says Phil Wallace.
Make no mistake about it. Dwight Howard wouldn't be leaving the Lakers if Phil Jackson was employed by the team right now. Jim Buss' stubborn insistence on keeping the "D'Antoni Disaster" alive has resulted in a "Dwightmare" for the franchise. It will take years for the Lakers to be a viable title contending team again.
If Dwight Howard decides to leave the Lakers, LA's best course of action is to completely break up the team and start over again as quickly as they can. With cap space available next year, and a historically good draft in 2014, a path back to success is possible.
The Dodgers are getting on base, but they're not scoring runs because they're hitting for zero power. The team counted on the wrong players for big hits and they now have an aging roster that would be perfect for 2008, but not 2013.
The Lakers are officially in franchise hell. With steep luxury tax payments, no cap space, and an aging roster, there's essentially no way for them to be a championship team in the near future, even if Dwight Howard chooses to stay.
The Dodgers and Angels should trade managers. And the Lakers should stop complaining about injuries to their old team. That and more thoughts on LA sports from Phil Wallace.
Ned Colletti's decision to trade a useful asset in Aaron Harang for a has-been backup catcher in Ramon Hernandez is a missed opportunity for the Dodgers.
Hiring Andy Enfield from Florida Gulf Coast is a risky hire for USC basketball, but he brings sorely needed energy to a dormant program. Enfield has been spectacularly successful at everything he's done in life, and ultimately this is a move that you have to like.
Steve Alford was the best coach available to UCLA before they would have had to look at a lower tier of candidates, or take a huge chance on a guy like Andy Enfield. He's a good coach, but it's hard to know if it will work out.
UCLA made the right decision in choosing to part ways with Ben Howland. A good coach, Howland wasn't the program lifer that the Bruins need to be an elite squad every year. The right guy for UCLA may be VCU's Shaka Smart. In the meantime, Howland may be a good fit for the USC basketball vacancy.
Tim Leiweke's departure isn't the only reason why the NFL to LA looks like a major longshot. With the NFL's strict rules and unwillingness to compromise, it's hard to figure out a deal that works economically.
Outrage and confusion has spread throughout the sports world today with news that the IOC dropped Wrestling for 2020 Olympic Games. Phil Wallace explains the motives behind the decision.
USC's firing of Kevin O'Neill was justified. O'Neill is a good coach, but he was unable to bring excitement to the program. With no shortages of resources, USC has the potential to be a college basketball power.
While many have criticized the BBWAA for not electing anyone to the Hall of Fame, Phil Wallace says the writers are justified in viewing steroid users differently. The problem is that MLB hasn't offered guidelines on how to deal with these players, but Wallace offers his own proposal.
With the Lakers on the verge of becoming the biggest bust in NBA history, the organization needs to dramatically overhaul its roster and reposition itself for the future, says Phil Wallace.
The Dodgers are about to spend a fortune on an above-average No. 2 starting pitcher. He makes them better, but at an enormous cost that they can seemingly afford.
The Dodgers are close to a new TV deal. The Lakers are having some issues with Mike D'Antoni's new offense. Expect Lane Kiffin to make some changes this offseason.
USC has lacked discipline, toughness, and focus all season long. With the team failing to meet its high expectations, Lane Kiffin has to be held responsible. It's not clear if he's the right person to turn things around.
Mitch Kupchak puts his basketball IQ on the line with the Mike D'Antoni hire. The Dodgers make a good move in hiring Mark McGwire. And there's reason to be annoyed with the Pac-12's new TV deal.
With Phil Jackson available to return as head coach, the Lakers roll the dice on Mike D'Antoni. His system works for some teams, but it's highly questionable if it will work for the Lakers.
Mike Brown had to go, and the Lakers were better off making a move sooner, rather than later. Jerry Sloan might make the most sense as his replacement.
The Dodgers hiring of Gerry Hunsicker as a Senior Advisor will bring some much-needed wisdom to the organization, and should improve the club's subpar scouting and player development systems.
Now that a Downtown football stadium has been approved, who could play there? The City Council vote is a starting point, not end point.
The Dodgers and Angels need to know the difference between spending lots of money and running a smart organization.
The Lakers trade for Steve Nash is a big deal and it improves their team considerably. But without a decent bench, they're still a step behind Oklahoma City. Meanwhile, the Clippers continue to confuse without a GM.
The prevailing sentiment right now is that the Lakers aren't good enough to compete for a title. But the new NBA labor deal and lack of available stars makes it extremely difficult for the Lakers to improve. The Purple and Gold may be forced to stand pat and hope teams like the Heat and Thunder magically fall apart. However, Phil Wallace says that they should be shopping Andrew Bynum.
Giving credit to AEG for its championship teams, to Ned Colletti for getting the Dodgers into contention, and to Don Mattingly for running the clubhouse the right way. Now what about the Clippers: will they blow their chances with Chris Paul and Blake Griffin?
With Magic Johnson, Stan Kasten, and Mark Walter set to take control of the Dodgers, here's some advice on how they can succeed.
While there's still much that we don't know, what we do know is mostly good.
Steve Cohen, Magic Johnson, or Stan Kroenke? Who is the best fit to own the Dodgers?
Seventeen years after the Rams and Raiders left town, neither team is better off. Now both are threatening to move back.
Whoever buys the team will need to fix a sagging player development system.
UCLA fans hoping Jim Mora will be the next Pete Carroll, may be disappointed.
The Angels make a huge splash by signing Albert Pujols. Will it last?
Takes on the Angels GM search, the Dodgers baseball operations, UCLA's coaching situation, and more.
With the playoffs set to begin, it's worth examining the Lakers' obstacles to a third-straight title.
While the safety concerns at Dodger Stadium are overblown, there are some changes that the Dodgers should make.
With the Sacramento Kings having filed a trademark application for Royals, one can't help but think of a better team name suggestion.
Low turnout among the population and zero turnout among young people mar Election Day. What can be done differently?
How would Southern California accept a third NBA franchise?
As local political and opinion leaders search for ways to kill AEG's proposed downtown football stadium, one wonders if Los Angeles is missing a "can do" spirit needed to take our city forward.
Two separate lists indicate the Dodgers have a lousy history recently when it comes to acquiring players from other teams.
The Angels owner is one of the best in the game, and recent criticisms about his failure to sign Carl Crawford are unfounded.
Not necessarily a minority opinion, but a rarely stated one.
TV interviews and a documentary add to the disgraceful story of a Los Angeles native and former Olympic champion.
Often cited, Team Marketing Report's formula on stadium prices is flawed.
A review of the new ESPN 30 for 30 documentary.
After the USOC touts Chicago's chances at a future bid, we wonder when the Games can return to LA.
The Dodgers make three deadline deals, but they highlight the organization's lack of depth.
The former Trojan quarterback has the skills to do a great job, but will have a learning curve.
Bill Plaschke says Angel Stadium is the region's best park, but he misses on several points.
With Phil Jackson leaning toward retirement, we take a look at the coaches who could replace him.
Who stays and who goes from the defending NBA champions?
The new divisional structure could leave USC and UCLA students without a "weekender."
ESPN's newest documentary brings us back to a day when OJ Simpson effectively took over Los Angeles, and the media had no idea how to cover it.
Not all is lost for the Pac-10 though, which is still in strong shape.
Could Texas and Oklahoma schools be next?
An assistant coach's lies to NCAA investigators ultimately did USC in.
USC is hit with exceptionally harsh sanctions, and it could take a long time to recover.
The Pac-10 could be close to inviting six schools from the Big-12, including Texas and Oklahoma.
Home court advantage could prove the difference for the Lakers in the Finals.
Trading for the Astros ace is more difficult than it appears, and it might not even help that much.
The Dodgers are back in the playoff race after a great week, but the Angels are in bad shape.
A new documentary from Ice Cube looks back at the LA Raiders connection with the local gang culture.
The Pac-10 weighs expansion and the possibility of a joint TV network with the Big 12.
Bad defense and lack of organizational depth are hurting the team right now.
The Clippers should look for an innovative new GM instead of a big name.
Tape delayed coverage is a reality, good or bad.
What teams could join the Pac-10?
He will remain the team's general manager.
USC and UCLA may have great recruiting classes, but take that news with a grain of salt.
Lane Kiffin comes back to USC, this time with his father and Ed Orgeron.
Jack Del Rio, Herm Edwards, Jim Fassel, and Chris Petersen are the strongest candidates to take the job.
Will Pete Carroll leave USC? Who will replace him if he does?
USC players should consider legal action after its school denied them the chance to play in the postseason.
The Trojans will be banned from postseason play in 2010.
Despite losing talent, the Dodgers and Angels still have the best teams in their respective divisions.
The McCourt divorce has put the Dodgers in limbo.
Searching for answers after a third loss this year.
A landmark day for those who have waited 15 years for NFL football in LA. Now, who could move here?
A terrific season comes to a disappointing conclusion.
Frank and Jamie are separated. What's next for the Dodgers?
The Dodgers and Angels are each a series away from a Freeway World Series
The Dodgers and Angels head to the postseason.
Rio de Janeiro triumphed while Chicago was exited first. How did this all happen, and what's next?
President Obama travels to Copenhagen for the hotly contested Olympic vote. How does the race shape up?
A chronology of Bill Plaschke's ever-changing opinions about Dodgers centerfielder Matt Kemp
Struggling pitcher comes from Tampa Bay, hoping his career gets back on track.
The Trojans go with a true freshman QB to open their season.
The evening airwaves just got better for sports talk radio.
The Lakers need a new heir to Phil Jackson as Kurt Rambis is set to coach the Timberwolves.
Re-signing the forward gives the Lakers the edge on repeating as champions
Reliever George Sherrill comes to LA for two prospects.
The news won't change Manny's reputation in LA, but it will further sour his legacy.
Roy Halladay probably won't be a Dodger, but it's unlike Ned Colletti to sit still at the trade deadline.
The Dodgers have the best record in baseball, yet it seems no one in the local media thinks they're any good.
O'Neill is a well respected coach who has a mixed track record.
Kobe Bryant leads a team effort to cement the Lakers place as Team of the Decade.
The Lakers are still in the driver's seat in the NBA Finals while the Dodgers continue to play well without Manny Ramirez.
He leaves the program under a cloud of investigation, and makes it difficult to hire a quality replacement.
The Lakers defeat the Nuggets and advance to their 30th NBA Finals
The fortunes of a beleaguered franchise change dramatically with Blake Griffin likely to wear red and blue.
The Lakers outlast the Rockets, the Dodgers are playing OK without Manny, and allegations continue against USC athletics.
The Lakers look to rebound after an embarrassing loss, more information is revealed on Manny Ramirez, and UC Irvine athletics impresses nationally.
Looking more closely at Manny's explanation, while the Dodgers lose their first game without him...
Manny Ramirez's positive steroid test rocks the baseball establishment, and sends the Dodgers season spiraling to who knows where. (Updated at 2 PM)
The Lakers face a stiff test in the Houston Rockets, while the Dodgers keep racking up wins at home.
After 22 years of loyalty, Baylor is unceremoniously shown the door.
Am impressive sweep over the Cubs sends the Dodgers to the National League Championship Series.
Dodgers are up 2-0 in their series, while the Angels are facing elimination.
For the first time in 20 years, the Dodgers lead a playoff series.
USC is upset, the Dodgers prepare for the playoffs, and the local sports talk radio scene changes.
USC blows out Ohio State, UCLA is crushed by BYU, K-Rod is the new saves king, and the Dodgers are looking toward October.
USC and UCLA both start their football seasons with impressive wins over southern opponents.
Kickoff approaches for USC football; the Dodgers continue to struggle
The Dodgers trade for Greg Maddux, Jeff Kent bashes Vin Scully, and the Galaxy hire Bruce Arena.
Looking to Manny's perceived baggage.
The big-time slugger comes to LA as part of a three-team deal.
Acquiring the power hitting first baseman is a calculated gamble.
They give up a good package of minor leaguers to boost their playoff hopes.
The Clippers trade for Marcus Camby, the Kings hire a coach, and Russell Martin shines at the All-Star Game.
The Dodgers struggle, the Lakers mull Ronny Turiaf, and the Clippers begin life without Elton.
Rumors are persisting that the Jaguars may be sold and moved to LA.
Elton Brand screws over the Clippers and becomes a Sixer.
A near perfect game for Hiroki Kuroda has the Dodgers tied with Arizona for the NL West lead, despite having a losing record.
The LA native is the biggest signing in team history and he creates a legit Laker-Clipper rivalry.
The Lakers look to re-sign Sasha Vujacic and Ronny Turiaf, while the Clippers are making a push for Baron Davis.
The Clippers take Eric Gordon from Indiana, while the Lakers wind up with Kentucky's Joe Crawford.
Possibilities are abundant for the Clippers as the NBA Draft nears.
A new rap video fuels the Shaq-Kobe rivalry.
The Lakers get blown out of the NBA Finals. Now it's time to look at next year.
The Lakers take advantage of Kendrick Perkins' injury and show hustle to force Game 6.
The NFL calls Ed Roski's stadium proposal "an interesting possibility."
The Lakers blow an opportunity to tie the series, and suffer one of the worst losses in team history.
The Lakers win an ugly defensive affair to get back in the series.
The Kings are looking for a new head coach just 10 days before the NHL Draft.
The Lakers look unimpressive in Game 2, as their comeback attempt falls short. Now the series shifts back to LA.
Paul Pierce and the Boston defense make the difference in Celtics' game 1 win over the Lakers. On to Game 2.
Everyone is pumped for Lakers-Celtics, the Rams could be sold and moved to LA, and USC and UCLA rule NCAA golf.
The Lakers are in the finals, the Dodgers are inconsistent, and John Ireland is back at 710 KSPN.
The Lakers win Game 5 against the Jazz, USC deals with the OJ Mayo allegations, and the Dodgers continue their streaky ways.
The Lakers are challenged by Utah, while the Dodgers improve.
The annual event could make its way to the Nokia Theatre in 2009
The Lakers sweep the Nuggets. Is Utah up next?
The Dodgers get a big sweep, USC and UCLA deal with the NBA and NFL Drafts, and the Galaxy beat Chivas.
The Lakers get a nice draw in the Western Conference; Kevin Love declares for the NBA Draft; USC and UCLA pick new starting QBs.
Ed Roski puts forward a legitimate NFL stadium plan that offers LA's best hope for a pro team in years.
The Dodgers play a memorable game at the Coliseum. UCLA reaches the Final Four. The Lakers try to survive without Pau Gasol.
USC is eliminated in the NCAA Tournament; UCLA moves on; the Lakers win two big road games and sign a new player; the Dodgers suffer injuries in the infield
March Madness begins: UCLA wins the Pac-10 Tournament and gets the bracket it wanted, while USC draws the No. 6 seed and a very tough first round matchup with Kansas State. And the Dodgers leave Vero Beach forever.
A full compilation of the week in LA Sports...
A full compilation of what's going on in LA sports.
The Lakers win their 40th game before losing their 20th...
Kobe Bryant's finger has Laker fans concerned...
The Lakers go 7-2 on their long road trip.
USC and UCLA bring in top-rated recruiting classes.
The Lakers land Pau Gasol...
The former USC football coach was suffering from chronic lymphatic leukemia...
Donald Sterling and Mike Dunleavy trade barbs, Kwame Brown gets booed, and OJ Mayo goes to an NBA game...
The offensive genius heads to Westwood...
USC upsets UCLA at Pauley Pavilion
The Rams owner moved the team out of LA
The Lakers lead the West and Norm Chow may be going to Westwood...
Andrew Bynum, Kevin Love, and Anze Kopitar are sports newsmakers in LA this week...
Once again, Pete Carroll is being considered for an NFL coaching vacancy...
USC wins the 94th Rose Bowl
Slick Rick comes back to Westwood...
The legendary broadcaster did movies as well as sports.
Temple's Al Golden drops out of the UCLA search.
After a big Christmas win, that's what everyone wants to know about the Lakers.
Bellotti Stays at Oregon...
Oregon's Mike Bellotti has suddenly become a candidate for UCLA...
Rick Neuheisel, Mark Cuban, and ESPN are all looking to move to LA...
The Japanese pitcher should boost the Dodger rotation...
More on Mitchell, and the UCLA coaching search continues...
Several former Dodgers and Angels are named in the Mitchell Report.
USC wins the national championship in women's soccer.
The centerfielder brings some extra pop to the Dodgers lineup.
The former Dodgers owner finally gets in...
USC is headed to the Rose Bowl. UCLA is set for the Las Vegas Bowl.
Two eras may end after tomorrow's game.
USC considers moving its football home games from the Coliseum to the Rose Bowl.
The college football bowl picture continues to get wacky
Ex-Twins CF makes surprising move to Anaheim
Former Bruin Trevor Ariza returns to LA.
The Lakers show the Bulls who's better...
The sports talk station announces a new lineup.
Don't look now, but the Clippers are 4-0.
New manager for the Dodgers. New potential coaches for UCLA and the Galaxy.
Joe Torre is the Dodgers manager, and Kobe Bryant isn't going anywhere
A new documentary features the Caltech basketball team
One of the busiest sports days in LA in a while...
The college basketball rankings are in, and everybody loves the Pac-10.
The Dodgers may return to one of their old ballparks
New NFL stadium sites and a big break for the Sparks
It's just about time to start arguing about the BCS rankings again this year. This week, the USC Trojans are...
The Coliseum's efforts to attract NFL football took a blow recently.
Big wins for USC and UCLA. New sheriff in charge in Anaheim.
USC, Lakers, and Galaxy... oh my.
Jerry Buss talks candidly about Kobe Bryant.
The Galaxy are the hottest team in MLS, and a playoff berth is possible.
Both USC and UCLA are facing serious questions at quarterback.
Another busy week in LA sports...
Busy week in LA sports...
Dan Patrick's new radio show will replace Roggin and Simers Squared on KLAC 570 AM
UCLA bounces back to beat Washington.
Jeff Kent criticizes the Dodgers youth as the team struggles.
Charley Steiner will return to the Dodgers, but what station can he be heard on?
New Clippers announcer, Logan White news, and Phil Jackson speaks.
As the Jaguars struggle in Jacksonville, one wonders if they're considering a move to LA.
The acquisition of Esteban Loaiza is already turning out to be a great deal for the Dodgers.
David Beckham suffers a knee injury and blame is flying everywhere.
Now that he's healthy, David Beckham is making the Galaxy a lot more fun.
USC tailback Emmanuel Moody plans to transfer, leaving the Trojans with just 9 incredibly talented players at the position.
Angel Stadium has been cited 118 times for vermin violations since 2005.
Jermaine O'Neal wants to be a Laker. But getting a deal done will require both the Lakers and Indiana Pacers to compromise.
USC is No. 1 in the Coaches Poll, while an angry LSU squad checks in at No. 2.
Elton Brand ruptures his Achilles' tendon, damaging the Clippers' playoff hopes.

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