At KCON, it's all about the K-pop

kpop-emoting.jpgFans swoon at Sunday's KCON. Photos by Iris Schneider.

Fans came out in force, ignoring the blazing sun, to wait and watch their favorite Korean pop stars chat and mingle at KCON, billed as the largest North American event dedicated to "all things hallyu." Celebrating Korean pop music and culture, the audience for this year's concert at the LA Sports Arena was expected to top last year's attendance of 20,000 fans. Fans kept busy on Sunday at video game competitions, dance workshops, autograph sessions, panel discussions, Korean food demonstrations and up-close appearances on a small outdoor stage where fans could scream, snap phone photos and, if they were very lucky, get onstage and be serenaded by their idols.

Fans came from Los Angeles, Riverside and as far away as Queens, New York to hear groups like Girls' Generation, TEEN TOP, Jung Joon Young, SPICA and BTS. Ivanna Lewis, a dedicated BTS fan, flew out from New York just to attend. She gave herself two more days in LA for the rest of her "must do" list: Santa Monica Beach and In 'n Out.

Ivanna Lewis, left, flew to LA from New York for KCON. Ashley Albano, right, traveled from Temecula.



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