People of Saturday's DTLA Trump protest

trump-protest-dtla-nov12-iris.jpgPhotos by Iris Schneider.

Several thousand Angelenos gathered Saturday to express their frustration with the outcome of the election and the sentiments and policies expressed by President-elect Donald J. Trump. The crowd gathered in MacArthur Park and walked through the streets of Los Angeles to gather in front of the Federal Building downtown. The mood was spirited and peaceful.


CaLisa Lee, 30, came out to strongly support the people who share her ideals and values. "We have a lot of work to do," she said.


Josiah Oballes, 15, came downtown with his father Jimmy. "Trump is obviously a racist, sexist, who only represents part of the country."


Doctora Ochoa, Jake Gordon and their son Kilohana Lapu-Lapu Quetzalcoatl were out because she is an educator who teaches many undocumented students. "I'm here for their rights," she said.


Traci Konas, with boxing gloves. "I'm here to show the rest of the world we are not racists, bigots or sexist."


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