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Getty's $8 parking

Regarding the Getty raising its parking fee a dollar, a few readers emailed to observe that UCLA now gets $8 as well for visitor parking. Plus these...

Your post comes across as gratuitously snotty. Given the fact that admission is free, the Getty is one of the great bargains in the world, in addition to being one of the great sites in the world.

Joe Zekas
Data Based Ads, Inc.

Just a heads up, I attended the 3rd and final preview for Hippolytos at the Getty Villa on Sept. 2. The handout material stated parking on-site would be $7, but when we arrived we were given free parking. Yipeeee! BTW play was excellent, along with the box meals I had pre-ordered. They only serve white wine and when I asked why, was told, so as not to stain the light colored cushions in the theatre…

Keep up the good work.

Alan J. Duignan
Photo Editor

September 20, 2006 1:37 AM • Native Intelligence • Email the editor

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