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More on the geese

Regarding the wild geese of Echo Park...

 One of the things I miss most about the East Coast are the Canadian Geese. It was a tradition every fall to wait for the geese flights on their way somewhere south, pack after pack in classic V formation, proving that winter was almost here. For some reason, it was always at night, and my father would call us outside, freezing in our jammies, to watch the V silhouettes in the moonlight and hear the faint calls from overhead.

I was just back there a month ago and I made my brother stop the car every time we saw a gaggle of geese in the meadow! Damn, that I hadn't brought my binoculars! They aren't considered rats back there, but a sign of health in the environment and beauty. Often there were horses or cattle close by the resting troops, too, and I think they each offered safety to the other.

So when I started to hear what sounded like Canada Geese a year or so ago, flying near my Silver Lake apartment, I wondered if I had forgotten what they sounded like, and was making it up in my head. Was I confusing them with seagulls, who like to soar over the LA River below? I never saw them.

Then 2 days ago, I was running in Griffith Park and I finally saw two geese, flying low, honking, just a few feet over my head! So maybe they're in Echo Park, but they are definitely around here somewhere. I'm back east right here in LA!

Donna Barstow

March 11, 2007 11:42 AM • Native Intelligence • Email the editor

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