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Speaking of Mr. KABC

Regarding Marc Germain leaving KABC talk radio for KTLK 1150, which dropped Cory Harrison and its Air America branding...

 Well, once again, Clear Channel proves that it will always makes the safe, boring choice over something exciting and ground-breaking.

By firing Harrison and hiring KABC reject/Libertarian "Mr K", KTLK will no longer be a station I, or many others, listen to. Harrison is one of the freshest, passionate and positive hosts I've ever heard. He's also a true progressive — as compared to Mr K who is just another complaining Libertarian white male with nothing productive to contribute to the world of politics, media or entertainment. His "no guests, no topics, no screeners" approach isn't innovative, it's boring and "mainstream."

Clear Channel can't sell ads on KTLK because the progressive talk format can't be sold in a mainstream way. Its core audience aren't mindless, vapid, gum-chewing drones like the listeners to Clear Channel's other stations. Air America didn't fail because it's a bad idea - or an idea that can't make money. It failed because radio giants like Clear Channel charged them an arm and a leg (in KTLK's case, over $1 million) for the "privilege" of broadcasting on the public airwaves.

Furthermore, only a radio conglomerate like Clear Channel would fire a host who was on the front cover of a LA newspaper (LA Citybeat) just days before.

Please bring Harrison back. He's WORTH the money.


Joe Zefran
Former Air America Executive Producer

 That 9 am to 12 noon slot would be a great one for much missed talk radio host Michael Jackson!

Joe Cislowski

March 1, 2007 9:32 PM • Native Intelligence • Email the editor

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