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Front page ads

Times Publisher David Hiller promises that front page ads will be tasteful and not schlocky...

 Who are they kidding? These guys from Chicago wouldn't know a good ad if it bit them on the backside. Readers all across the Southland now have schlocky ads on the front page of the LATimes dancing in their heads and the bad news is that those imagined ads won't be nearly as schlocky as what the Times deems okay to run.

As for communicating well and reader reaction being okay? That further drop in circulation should remind the folks in Chicago that we aren't interested in ads on the front page, fashion, celebrity sightings and all those other superficial things they think we are interested in. We want the news: local, national and international, well told and well presented.

Otis Chandler understood this. Why is it so hard for the guys from Chicago to understand it?

Lynn Zook
Sherman Oaks

July 16, 2007 8:45 AM • Native Intelligence • Email the editor

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