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Cheers for Gov. Brown and his pardon of Rod Wright

rod-wright-2014.jpg Gov. Jerry Brown's pardon of former State Sen. Rod Wright focuses attention on one our most useless laws, the one imposing residency requirements on elected lawmakers.

Maria Elena Durazo

LAO__MariaElenaDurazo.jpg The former Los Angeles County labor leader celebrated her election to the state Senate.

A serious night at Central Library

central-library-lao.jpg Wednesday night, the downtown central library continued its community involvement with a deep dive into one of the most important aspects of civic life--the courts. It was serious and detailed.

Put Jamal Khashoggi Square outside the Saudi consulate on Sawtelle

saudi-consulate-google.jpg A Change.org petition by Rob Eshman asks Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti to make it happen.

Can talk therapy cure LA's civic malaise?

future-of-cities-crop.jpg Joel Bellman: I've been asking myself that question after attending not one, but two civic conversations this month dealing with the future of cities.

Ryu says Korean Americans must step up

bill-300.jpg "It's about equity. It's about opportunity," City Councilman David Ryu told the Los Angeles Current Affairs Forum.

UCLA study calls for rent control tightening

bill-300.jpg UCLA report convincingly links rent increases and the housing shortage to the homelessness which afflicts the LA area today.

Their most frightening experience

christine-blasey-ford-pool-sipa.jpg Joel Bellman: My male students tend to write about their insecurities around a loss of power; Women, the terror of a sexual assault or domestic violence.

Brett Kavanaugh protest

LAO__BrettKavanaughProtest.jpg City Hall protest of people and groups opposed to Trump Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Speaker Rendon: an LA power in Sacramento

bill-300.jpg The San Francisco state senator who wants to build more tall buildings around rail stations and bus stops will have to come up with new legislation that is more politically acceptable to cities and suspicious neighborhood groups, says Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon.
p-70-through-73-nps.jpg Cities again barred from prosecuting the homeless. Hands across the aisle at USC. Much more.

Racism on film, and in the street

kkk-display-joel-bellman.jpg Joel Bellman: As disappointing as "BlacKKKlansman" was, it triggered my curiosity about other films prominently featuring Klan storylines. There I discovered some interesting things.

Ignored in downtown L.A.'s new glitter?

bill-300.jpg Disney Hall and many of downtown L.A.'s new restaurants and bars are excellent. But the media shouldn't ignore the dry business done elsewhere.

Solis jabs at homeless agency

hilda-solis-at-board.jpg Los Angeles County Supervisor Hilda Solis agrees with critics of the Los Angeles County Homeless Services Authority.

Garcetti and Koreatown's homeless

bill-300.jpg "There are people who shoot up and there are people who are mentally ill," said Koreatown activist and attorney Grace Yoo. "How do we ensure the safety for the homeless and the people nearby?"

LA Observed Notes: Bourdain's LA, Villaraigosa fades to black

bourdain-grab-cnn.jpg Murray Fromson obits, the new police chief, slow-walking the LAT sale, media notes, selected tweets and more.
villaraigosa-2018.jpg Joel Bellman: Are Democrats about to torch themselves yet again? It could happen.
cathleen-decker-lat.jpg The LAT also loses sports reporter Lindsey Thiry to ESPN and previously lost White House correspondent Brian Bennett to Time.

LA getting a TV politics show on Friday nights

elex-mich-ben-carson.jpg Fox 11 morning anchor Elex Michaelson will host the 10:30 p.m. show.

LAX and Metro, partners for jobs

lax-peoplemover-train.jpg Deborah Flint and Phil Washington could probably walk through L.A. without being recognized by most people. But this crowd knew who they were.

Mayor's State of the City

LAO__ChristopherHawthorne_StateOfState.jpg Christopher Hawthorne, the former Times architecture columnist, attends his first state of the city speech as a member of the Garcetti Administration.

Candidate Garcetti returns from Iowa to give State of the City

garcetti-hardhat-mzb.jpg The mayor has now been to the four early nominating states for the 2020 presidential election. But Monday it's a speech in Los Angeles.

March For Our Lives in DTLA

march-enough-iris.jpg An estimated 55,000 people took part in Saturday's Los Angeles march. Photos from Iris Schneider.

Garcetti urged to consider a Latino for police chief

bill-300.jpg Mayor Eric Garcetti, facing one of the toughest decisions of his career, is being urged to consider a Latino to replace Police Chief Charlie Beck, who is retiring.

Garcetti wants all L.A. to welcome homeless housing

bill-300.jpg Under fire from his hometown paper, Mayor Eric Garcetti says he will work on a plan for every Los Angeles community to agree to accept housing for the homeless.

Some data for Garcetti to know before selecting next LAPD chief

garcett-beck-lamayor.jpg Fernando J. Guerra: The two recent forces that have most altered Los Angeles for the better have been demographic change and real police reform.

Home-schooled in civics

official biz sign2 - Copy.jpg Ellen Alperstein: Being a good citizen, my parents taught me, makes America greater.

LA Observed Notes: Guild vote isn't even the top LA Times story

women-march-garcetti.jpg The LA Times staff voted union but there's a lot more going on. Val Zavala retires from KCET. Remembering Ed Moses and Greg Critser.

Into Action: Pop-up politics in LA

Elizabeth-Rodriguez--Jackie-Huerta-Jessica-Huerta.jpg A new kind of pop-up was working through Sunday at the northern end of Chinatown.

Ridley-Thomas vs. marijuana

Mark_Ridley-Thomas_wikipedia.jpg Many public officials are already enthusiastically counting the tax dollars that legalization of marijuana will bring into their public treasuries, but not Mark Ridley-Thomas of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors.

LA Observed Notes: Getting ready for 2018

mysse-pigeons.jpg LA Times journalists vote on a union this week. Plus the most-clicked story of 2017, Hollywood women organize, notes on media politics and place, and selected tweets.

Housing-homeless up to Garcetti, Ridley-Thomas

wilshire-homeless-camp.jpg Pressure will be heavy on Mayor Eric Garcetti and County supervisors board chairman Mark Ridley-Thomas to show much more progress with the so-far insoluble housing-homeless problem.

Album: Images from Alabama

HipstamaticPhoto-walker.jpg LA Observed contributor Iris Schneider recently visited Alabama to volunteer for Senate candidate Doug Jones.

My primer on self-preservation via political action

jones-voters-happy-iris.jpg Iris Schneider: So many people have asked about my recent expedition into the deep South to work on the Doug Jones campaign, I thought this might be helpful.
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Future of Cities
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Father and daughter
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Republicans for Voldemort
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Villaraigosa's new crib
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