Week 24: Maui wowie


We are still a solid ten weeks until the Big Day, also known as the LA Marathon. It’s the home stretch. A time to do a few long runs and a lot of solid shorter runs. A time to watch one’s diet, get enough sleep and stay fit.

A time to think about the next marathon.

There we were, powering up for our post-20 mile recovery run, an easy 8-miler, when what should Coach Scott propose but that we all sign up for the Maui Marathon in September.


“The training starts in April,” he explained. “But the great thing is, you’re already training, so you just keep on with it and then after the LA Marathon, you just roll over to Maui training.”

Was it my imagination or did he linger on the word “Maui,” turning it into a rolling oli?

maui oli.jpg

There I was, standing in the early morning cool of Griffith Park, imagining what Maui would be like in September, the month of back-to-school and my daughter’s birthday. The end of vacation and the return to seriousness, except for … Maui.

“Want to go to Maui?”

It was my friend Sara Stein, a much faster and more experienced runner than I. She grinned a little madly.

Two hot mamas on the loose in Maui. What could be more fun than that, I thought?

What I said was: “Do you want to tell my husband, or should I?”


That evening I went to the Maui Marathon website.

The Maui Marathon course is undoubtedly one of the most scenic marathon courses in the world. With over 17 miles of oceanfront running on what Conde Nast Traveler Magazine described as "The World's Best Island," the Maui Marathon is not just a race, it is a vacation in paradise.

Under the site’s runner feedback:

Just wanted to let you know that the Maui Marathon was my first marathon and I now know that I made an excellent choice. The race was well organized, support groups were great, expo was fun, carbo load was filling and announcers were entertaining. It was a challenging course for me and right after I finished I told my wife--not again. Within 48 hours, I change my mind. I will be back next year. Thanks again to everyone associated with the marathon, you all made my first marathon memorable.
Kevin J. Gorsek

The AIDS Project Los Angeles program provides training, airfare, hotel, marathon registration, the works.

All I’d have to do is raise another $3,600 by August– more than twice the sum required for the LA Marathon, in half the time.

And persuade my husband to take on childcare duties for another four months of Saturdays. And either skip off to Maui without my family or come up with the cash to bring them along.

And run another marathon.




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