Toney, Leinart, Young

My girlfriend and I (and Orly the dog) are heading to the mountains this weekend, which means I'll miss the James Toney-Samuel Peter fight at Staples on Saturday. Toney's had a checkered career in and out of the ring: on the negative side, he didn't show up for the biggest fight of his career (against Roy Jones, Jr. in 1994); his life-story was turned into one of the worst boxing films ever made (Against the Ropes, starring Meg Ryan as manager Jackie Kallen, a flop that the New York Times' A.O. Scott called a "flat-footed feminist fight picture"); and he tested positive for steroids after one fight. On the other hand, he's a masterful tactician a la Archie Moore (with an old-school 69-4-3 record that surely will earn him a spot in the Boxing Hall of Fame); his profanity-laced tirades are more entertaining than Don King's monologues; and he routinely whups bigger opponents. Plus he lives and trains in L.A. – usually at Freddie Roach's gym in Hollywood -- and has his own line of cigars. No pick here, just hoping the "good" Toney makes an appearance.

Speaking of boxers and dogs, two of my favorite subjects, I'm digging the "Yo, Dawg! Neuter Your Dog!" billboards that feature Laila Ali, Lamon Brewster, Brian Viloria and Genaro Hernandez (and their pooches). The campaign comes courtesy of the Sam Simon Foundation, a non-profit organization financed by the TV producer ("The Simpsons," "Drew Carey," and others) and boxing manager that offers adoption and free spay/neuter services.

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The big-mouths on sports talk radio have been doing the math re: Matt Leinart and Brynn Cameron's pregnancy. As in, she's due in November and he was spotted leaving Paris Hilton's place in May. Hm. Here's the real math: The Daily News posted the story on its web-site on Monday night; the Times has yet to acknowledge the alleged conception. The News, meanwhile, followed up with a story yesterday about the USC women's basketball team – Cameron plays on the team – and reported that Cameron "will red-shirt for personal reasons."

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Camarillo's own Delmon Young, who gained national notoriety for throwing his bat at an umpire and receiving a 50-game suspension, made his Major League debut last night with Tampa Bay. Young is a beyond-cocky 20-year-old, but his confidence isn't misplaced: the kid hit a home run in his very first game.

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