Updating a Trojan bust

WilliamsEven with the snapping of USC’s long victory streak, former Trojan wide receiver Mike Williams may still miss that collegiate locker room. Or at least the accolades he received as an All-American player on a glamorous, top-ranked football team.

As a first-round draft choice for Detroit, Williams earns a lot of big bucks but his NFL career remains on such a downward slide that even the hapless Lions apparently regret his selection.

The Detroit Free Press underscored Williams’ woeful standing with this note in its “The Whole Nine Yards” segment on Friday:

“Mike Williams isn’t just a waste of a No. 10 pick and millions of dollars, he’s a waste of a roster spot. Because they have to keep him around for salary-cap reasons, they are forced to play with a 52-man roster instead of a 53-man roster.”

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