L.A. United?

According to the Tampa Bay Business Journal, AEG and Malcolm Glazer, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers owner who bought fabled Manchester United some 18 months ago, are negotiating the sale of all or part of the L.A. Galaxy. The Journal notes that Red Issue, a ManU fanzine, has reported that the two sides are in negotiations - talks that might include a state-side move by David Beckham (whose soccer academy has an LA presence at AEG's Home Depot) and the "re-branding" of the Galaxy name.

No comment from AEG (natch) or from the Glazer family (Malcolm Glazer suffered a stroke not long ago), so it's difficult to judge if this is yet another breathless rumor from ManU die-hards (most of whom opposed Glazer's purchase). Beckham has long been rumored to be coming to the States as his career winds down -- especially now that MLS has adopted its "designated player" rule. Beckham, of course, became a star with ManU; he currently plays for Real Madrid, tho his contract concludes at the end of the season.

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