Wes Parker is golden

The lone Dodger (Brooklyn or L.A.) on the just-released all-time Gold Glove team? That would be first baseman Wes Parker, who played for L.A. from 1964-1972 (or, between Hodges and Garvey) and won six GGs during his career. Parker outpolled Don Mattingly, Keith Hernandez, Vic Powers, Bill White, and J.T. Snow for the honor. Other than Parker and, arguably, Joe Morgan at second, the all-time team has no real surprises: Mays, Clemente, Griffey Jr., Bench, Ozzie, Brooks, Greg Maddux. (This year marks the 50th anniversary of the GG award.)

Earlier today, Parker took part in an ESPN online chat. In answer to a question about the condition of the Dodger Stadium infield during his career, Parker said, "Dodger Stadium, believe it or not, was the worst. It has crushed brick mixed with dirt that turned into clay clumps on hot days. I was always smoothing the dirt in front of me to avoid bad hops. I also disliked playing on artificial surfaces, because you'd get a lot of spin and bad hops. The infield at Dodger Stadium today is one of the best in baseball."

Parker, who played his collegiate ball at Claremont McKenna, made just 45 errors at first base during his career. He's also known for his memorable acting debut in. . . "The Brady Bunch."

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