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Jenny Price is the author of "Flight Maps: Adventures with Nature in Modern America," and has been published in the Los Angeles Times, New York Times, Washington Post, Audubon, and LA Weekly. She leads frequent tours of the L.A. River, and is working on a new book, "13 Ways of Seeing Nature in L.A." She lives in Venice. Email
Native Intelligence:
The public has property rights, too - and we're tired of being forced to use our state taxes to fight decades-long battles for public access that has been long established.
Rewriting this history to portray the current disagreements as old-fogey nature-lovers vs. the new hip design guard misses the crucial issues that are actually most at stake.
Or you can make your headquarters an OMG Platinum building--and follow in the footsteps of such leading eco-conscious companies as BP, Exxon, BASF (the world's largest chemical company), McDonald's, JPMorgan Chase, and Bank of America.
AB976 will ensure that our Malibu beaches are ours not just on paper but also in practice.
I've been back home for 3 weeks now--since I drove out of L.A. at the end of August for an east-coast teaching gig--and I have to say, it's good to be back.
And the livin' is easy and the lawyers are very very busy
How can anyone who reads a newspaper not become furious about our gun laws? And about the 12,000 deaths each year?
Free stuff! Celebrities! Celebrities with free stuff! -- A first-hand report from the Golden Globes and Grammys swag (aka gifting) lounges
Are children green?
How dare we be shocked, shocked every time this happens.
The Washington Post reports today that a newly discovered box of James Madison's papers includes a set of earlier drafts of the 2nd Amendment.
Celebrities! Free stuff! Celebrities with free stuff!
Energy!--Use more, save more
Green guns
Activities include signwatching, trailblazing the public-private boundary, and a public easement potluck.
How far is too far for Little League?
Now that's democracy-- Sort of a hipper, white-people-aren't-the-only-greens version of Living With Ed
It's summer, and that means two things in Malibu--lawyers! and the Malibu Public Beaches safaris!
Cornerstone Theater's Touch the Water: A River Play, and KCET's new online L.A. River extravaganza
To the Los Angeles Times: You are using my anti-gun pieces, in which I argued that the only way to reduce the horrific homicide rate in the U.S. is to ban guns, to sell guns.
a YouTube smidgen of what they were greeted with--a “you scumbags!” and “go back to the valley!” tirade.
But please don’t just think of of the victims.
The 17 access gates remain unlocked from the beach side--with one exception.
Carbon Beach is open 24 hours, and that includes the 56 dry-sand easements.
He did not believe in Father's Day. He found it crass, commercial, and entirely pointless.
Plus the return of the Malibu Public Beaches Safaris. Skills-enhancing activities include a public-private boundary hike, sign watching, a no-kill hunt for accessways, and a public easement potluck.
The L.A. River thrives in parallel universes of imagination.
Are you watching, Obama and Clinton and Edwards?
Now that’s an exceptionally tough choice....They’re like the yin and yang in L.A.’s dysfunctional history of public space.
...if I had to choose between “historic” and “courageous,” I guess I would have to side with “historic.”
This plan promises to be groundbreaking only to the degree that it models how not to address the health care crisis.
Well, that is a bit myopic.... the new camping ban in Malibu places the blame on public access to public lands, rather than concentrates on making one's own efforts to live in one's own city more sustainable.
The governor and the Democrats are duking it out over how, exactly, to deny Americans the basic right to affordable health care that other developed countries in the world (all of them, actually) guarantee.
Lots of birds and rushes and even big fish. I only capsized 4 times. I traversed one set of rapids on a floating mattress.
The Los Angeles Urban Rangers took about 130 people on Malibu public beach safaris the first two weekends in August, and trained them in basic beachcraft skills amidst plenty of sun and fun.
The Los Angeles Urban Rangers announce...
All we have to do to create public access in Malibu is to promote public accessways as instruments of revenge.
The homeowners giveth and the homeowners taketh away...
Natural Resources Defense Council and Santa Monica Baykeeper are readying to sue Malibu to stem the serious pollution that flows into Santa Monica Bay via septic tanks and storm sewers.
A homeowner has voluntarily opened a public accessway next to his house. Yes, voluntarily.
The brand-new accessway on Carbon Beach is at 21950 PCH, on the west edge of the property.
The birds in Los Angeles, apparently, treat and understand the L.A. River as a river.
The major gun-control advocates have been passionately fighting the battles they feel they can win. Perhaps the time has come, however, to passionately fight the battles that need fighting.
The Malibu Beaches Owners Manual, for public owners who want to know how to find and use the 20 miles of public beaches (out of 27) that are lined with private development.
I've seen two terrific revisions of myths of the American West recently--the Yosemite exhibit at the Autry Museum, and the film Seraphim Falls at the Arclight.
I can think of at least ten reasons I should be excited to pay $1022/month for health insurance
What a strange feeling to walk around on the foundations of the beach houses that burned on Malibu Rd.
I mean, it's a lot less exciting to "create the world anew" in Boulder, Colorado, or even, say, Seattle.
L.A. didn't bring down Judith Regan--but it was only a matter of time before New York said we did.
Malibu Beaches Owner's Manual, for public owners who want to enjoy their extensive public lands on beaches that aren't always easy to find or use.
Everyone seems to know that something is going on. But where is the river? And where should you go? And what, exactly, is happening?
I am not a reality show curmudgeon--not completely. My nephews pointed me first to Junkyard Wars, and after that to...
For the last year, the City of L.A. has been developing an aggressive master plan for our notorious 51-mile Grand Sewer. Imagine turning L.A.'s ultimate symbol of Everything Gone Wrong into a long greenway.
As someone who writes often about nature in Los Angeles, I have a few favorite spots where I like to...
Last weekend, I drove out to Broad Beach in western Malibu--one of my favorite L.A. County beaches--and was met by...