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TJ Sullivan is an award-winning independent journalist whose work has appeared in scores of daily publications, including the Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, and Dallas Morning News. A recipient of the the Sigma Delta Chi Award, as well as top honors from Best of the West, the Associated Press News Executive Council and the Los Angeles Press Club, Sullivan worked in newsrooms for 15 years prior to embarking on a second career as an author. He continues to write trend stories about real estate and has lectured on reporting techniques at conferences conducted by The Poynter Institute and the Society of Professional Journalists. He served in 2006 as an adviser to The Working Press, a college internship program sponsored by SPJ and is currently teaching a journalism course at California State University, Northridge. Sullivan also has taught journalism courses and coached writers at UCLA's student newspaper, The Daily Bruin. He has completed two novels and is pursuing their publication. He blogs at TJ Sullivan in LA and lives in West Los Angeles. E-mail
Native Intelligence:
One need only sample the tweets of Chicago Cubs fans on Twitter to understand what joy the Los Angeles Dodgers have brought us.
In "Leaving Las Vegas," Hollywood screenwriter Ben leaves LA ... and then he dies, which was sort of what he wanted. Who better than a Hollywood screenwriter to figure out that the easiest way to kill yourself is to leave LA?
I gave the Roger Ebert prayer card a quick look Monday morning on the walk to my seat in Chicago's Holy Name Cathedral, then tucked it into the back of my notebook and waited for the funeral to start.
The idea of a car being "imported from Detroit" is so retro it's cool. It'd be even cooler if the car was actually built in the actual City of Detroit.
America's preoccupation with cutting in line cuts both ways.
How does a journalist become a novelist?
Like a lot of journalists, I wouldn't be where I am without Editor & Publisher. I'd still be a journalist, of course, but I definitely wouldn't have followed the same path, which means I might not have met the same friends. I might not have even met my wife.
Steve Jones, the self-proclaimed Sire of Wilshire (a nod to the physical address of his former home at Indie 103.1 FM), is back on the air!
After more than 20 years on Pier Avenue in Santa Monica, the original Novel Cafe is near the end.
Like a lot of journalists whose newspapers have been shuttered recently, my friend knew he would not find another job at another newspaper. So ... he purchased one.
News of Michael Jackson's death -- along with about a dozen satellite trucks -- prompted a gathering outside UCLA Medical Center on Thursday.
A few photos from Saturday's Iran election protest in LA
Two years since the Mann National went dark, a vacant lot remains.
Take me to the kool-aid and pour me a double because the only way I'm going to be able to understand this one is with chemical assistance.
As far as political gimmickry goes, this one was good for a grin.
If a Congressman doesn't get why newspapers are important to democracy, what makes you think anyone else does?
If it's sympathy and understanding you seek, you probably won't find it at blogs like Wonkette.
'We're going to have major American cities with no daily newspaper within the next year. I'm willing to bet quite a bit of money on that.'
Jim Rondeau, host of Crosstalk on KCLU 88.3 FM, is scheduled to discuss the Web blackout petition during Wednesday's show.
Walter Isaacson makes his case with The Daily Show host Jon Stewart.
What if all American Newspapers shut down their Web sites for one week?
The celebrity battle on behalf of Billy the Elephant seems somewhat lopsided.
A few photos of the arrivals at the GGs.
The gel-filled wrist support I purchased from arrived today ... in a really, REALLY, big box.
Eventually the meter-revenue claim becomes bureaucratic doublespeak for "meter-maid revenue."
Chuck Todd and his goatee
New signs and meters are already up in Westwood Village.
And it only took 10 months.
The mountains beyond Griffith Observatory ...
If the salesperson who sold you your car were to call from jail, weeping and begging for you to please, God, please come bail them out, would you?
We're about to find out what the world would have been like if Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein hadn't uncovered Watergate.
Something about this whole Kindle craze just doesn't figure.
Beyond Baroque once again demonstrates its ability to beat the count and remain in the fight.
Might help explain why some LA Times staffers cringe when Zell refers to them as "partners" in e-mail.
Bush sought to "make the pie higher," but President-elect Barack Obama says it's time "to make sure we're growing the pie …"
For every dollar I put into my first car, I got back a lifelong education in auto repair, and this disease.
Without referencing its recent layoff, the Ventura County Star's editor says the suburban LA paper is now "more streamlined and, in many ways, much more efficient."
When the sun looks like that, there's a big fire somewhere regardless of whether we see or smell smoke.
The Northridge Quake buried people alive, killed 57, injured more than 9,000 and displaced at least 20,000. And that's only because it happened at 4:31 a.m.
A photo essay of Thursday's Prop 8 protest march on the Westside.
Is it worse for a company to do a layoff immediately after it got the election coverage it wanted?
Photos of Los Angeles, CA, on Election Day, 2008
Haven't the John Sidneys, the Al Arnolds, the George Herberts and, yes, the Paul Efthemioses suffered enough?
There was no swooning.
Our nation has certainly come a long way from those ignorant days of yore.
Even if we rounded a bunch of them up, verified their undecidedness, and tied them down to watch tonight's debate, of what meaningful use would their opinions be?
Will injustices go unreported for fear of retaliation? I don't know. Is two years in hell too long?
What better day of the week than Tuesday to sign a budget 85 days late?
RE: Zell's 'Dear Partners' note
American humorists — The new journalists.
It likely took a few hundred dollars just to make it past Venice Beach on Sunday.
Just what it says.
Is Beyond Baroque beyond sharing?
The venerable arts org still has no lease, despite City Council resolution of Feb. 2008.
The right candidates should be alive to [keep abreast of] current events.
You don't have to be a Los Angeleno to greet all diet claims with immediate suspicion.
Just like the Lakers, the Pistons don't play in Detroit either.
Those who say we in LA don't read have obviously never parallel parked on our streets, where we not only read, but debate the subtext and hidden meanings intended by the author.
Before there was an Internet, newspapers never did anything like this.
When a forecast is not a prediction.
Anything can happen!
Where do you start the conversation about a side effect like driving "while asleep?"
LA City Council unanimously approves lease renewal.
Is Beyond Baroque 'caught in LA indifference?'
Walls outlasted Bukowski's rage, and a wrecking ball, too.
I don't think the Big Brown Machine ever met a red zone it didn't like.
When the operators of Beyond Baroque say they're "in great peril," let's hope the city responds.
I'm not a traffic engineer. I just drive Pico and Olympic.
Some days I miss that I no longer work in an office ... but not today.
Journalism is becoming a pursuit in which journalists gradually decide not to be journalists ... So, why go to grad school?
… 'to be a first novelist?'
I've been photographing fake owls around Los Angeles for years, forever seeking birds that aren't fooled by those evil, baby-doll eyes.
A tomato travels from the corner store to the chain supermarket, price increases 334 percent.
Is that an altered version of Los Angeles behind the yellow air in that Honda ad?
The holiday parties are the worst, when that question comes from strangers and the spouses of friends. "So," they ask, "what do you do?"
The Stanley Cup section is the first fun effort by the Times that I've thought to save since the elaborate array of candiate portraits it published during the California Recall in '03.
A good book (well written and attractively packaged) really does sell itself, if you talk to the right person.
You're such a 'rat runner' and you don't even know it.
All Hiller has to do is walk LA's hipper streets to see why the RedEye wouldn't work here.
FSBO stats suggest NYC is more DIY than LA.
Yours truly was one of several featured participants in a real-time, online discussion of Wednesday night's debate between Democratic contenders for the White House.
Who is this prolific writer who enjoyed the company of women, got in a tussle now and then, and consumed more than two glasses of wine at fireside each evening?
Let's say Charles Bukowski is still shaking LA's literary landscape. Then what in God's name are poetic giants like Maya Angelou doing to it, and when is the literary arm of FEMA going to get here?
Publications have slashed staff sizes and improved profits by re-engaging former employees as freelancers. But now they have to spell out copyrights, and therein lies the rub that has tied SPJ in a knot.
Several pods of dolphins have made the shores of Santa Monica and Venice their summer playground.
Of course, when I say "all reporters" I don't mean "ALL reporters."
Who knew it was such an issue?
Caption suggestions welcome.
Who do you call? Not necessarily the LAPD.
Whatever you call it, this is what one of those looks like.
The San Francisco Examiner described the evening as "more like a campaign stop than a book signing," which was accurate enough, except this was not billed as either.
It's entirely possible he wanted the $5 and was foolish enough to think that this complicated scheme was the only way to get it. But I decided it wasn't about money, or food.
A new leaseholder will operate the National, formerly run by Mann, and has scheduled to reopen this Friday, May 11.
Paris Hilton may not have known her license was suspended, but, by God, it seems she's aware that this is Derby weekend.
Ever wonder what happened to those pencil and candy vendors that used to float around the departure lounges at LAX?
Semantics, new math, and the mysterious 11-percentage-point increase in the affordability of California housing.
Several ratty, old newsracks in Westwood Village began sporting pink tags from their handles this past week.
The venerable Westside diner was born April 11, 1947
If a tragedy on the scale of the 1992 LA riots were to occur today, it would be reported and viewed through the eyes of Los Angelenos on, not
A Famima!! famine on the Westside.
A new low in rooftop billboards?
LADOT wants to know if Westsiders would be in favor of traffic restrictions that may delay traffic leaving and/or entering the neighborhood. What's next, border checkpoints?
Once the traffic engineers make their case to the public, I expect all of Los Angeles will wholeheartedly agree and support making Pico and Olympic one-way boulevards.
This man with the hypnotically seductive voice and a face for radio has disappointed my wife, and not just because he was more attractive through her mind's eye.
But, now there may be a way to do the right thing, save a lot of money, and put a few bucks in someone's pocket.
The 79th annual Academy Awards ceremony is, according to most everyone, the year of anybody's guess, so I asked my dad...
Have you heard the one about the dolphins in Santa Monica Bay?
This month, Charlie Collins logged his 50th year as an employee of The Apple Pan, making him a living memorial to a time when there was truth in the promise of the “American dream” for most anyone.
I expect few other than yours truly will express a pang of loss Monday when the Suncoast Motion Picture Company store at Westside Pavillion closes its doors for the last time. Then again ...
I love dogs as much as anyone, but, as more and more people categorize their working class dogs as "accessories," don't we have to ask where all this is headed?
"Pulp Fiction" trivia track includes more fiction than was intended.
Welcome to the Hotel California. You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave your Crackberry alone.
The adventure began Thanksgiving Day, when we decided that playing host meant it was time to spruce up our home. That led to the conclusion that we had to part with the couches each of us had brought to the marriage. ... This will be the Christmas we spend on the floor.
Dear Westside Bike Thief … RE: The Sweet Red Ride You Stole From My Garage … You’ve no need to worry about being caught.
UCLA's football team notched its first victory in seven years over cross-town rival USC and yet the Los Angeles Times somehow figured out a way to turn it into an A-1 story about USC.
The end of USC's seven-game winning streak over UCLA resulted in peace and quiet in my West Side neighborhood.
I too was turned away, told that the records to which I sought access were not public, and, apparently, given some misinformation as well.
They were drained of happiness after standing in line for three days and nights to spend more than $500 on a video gaming console.
Bruce had the kindest way of rolling his eyes when expressing exasperation. The man had style and spirit.
In the future, no one will park for nine minutes. Not in Santa Monica anyway.
On the West Side, even a big box store can be cool.
A place where "9 hour parking" becomes "9 minute parking."
Halloween seems a good time to point out where the talent is buried.
YouTube provides different perspectives on the new Downtown. In one video, a homeless man tells the urban pioneers to chill out a little.
Internet maps reveal the kind of neighborhood news that doesn't fit in the newspaper, like the robbery last night, or the selling price of the neighbors' house. But, in some cases, old-fashioned snooping was just as unreliable.
Starbucks tells the LA Times there are only 100 stores in Los Angeles, wherever that is.