San Gabriel Valley

Help Wanted

Foothill Cities is looking for a few good bloggers. The San Gabriel Valley-based anonyblog (which has riled local city leaders with past coverage) invites citizen journalists to join the fray.

This is a historic day in the FC Blog’s short history. Today, we unleash the blog.


Maybe you don’t have a blog and don’t have time for one, but every once in a while you’d like to write something fun, serious, or in-between on something local. Maybe you already have a blog and you’d just like to cross-post a piece on a new housing development you’re writing about already. Maybe you just want to tell people about a worthwhile local event or restaurant. All you have to do is email us and we’ll give you the chance.

You write, we edit and (hopefully) publish.

Barely a year old and free of names in the "about" page, Foothill Cities maintains an air of mystery. And an intriguing local blogroll - Goddess of Pomona, Eye Level Pasadena, The Sierra Madruh, Frazgo Meanders, just for starters.

So who's willing to write for no pay and no byline? We shall see...

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