Parsing the stripes on RFK's tie

RFK-paul-jacobs.jpgThe discussion continues on that Robert F. Kennedy campaign photo from 1968 Los Angeles. Larry Harnisch at the L.A. Times' Daily Mirror blog points out that the Kennedy seen in Paul Jacobs' photograph looks to have slightly longer hair than the RFK who spoke at the Ambassador the night of June 4, shortly before his assassination. Somewhat curiously, I guess, the stripes on his necktie go in different directions in the two photos. It adds a little more weak evidence to the pile suggesting that Jacobs' photo outside the Biltmore hotel was not taken on June 4, but on another day.

Jacobs' younger brother Chip, meanwhile, blogs at Smogtown that since posting the photo last week, "I’ve learned some facets about the half-life of history."

Presenting photographs of incredibly public people can evoke and re-ignite enormously intense emotions and private opinions about events that took place a generation ago, when the Internet was somebody’s fantasy and the Kremlin was our Al Queda. Memory is a prism.

Photo belongs to Paul Jacobs, used with permission

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