Reggie 2, big talkers 0

The Florida gator-nabbers who were summoned to save Machado Lake from the terror of Reggie have called it quits for now—just like the Colorado wranglers before them. The Floridians didn't exit without offering some advice.

"We are considering this halftime," said Gatorland crew leader Tim Williams, 56, who has been handling alligators for 30 years. "He's won the first half."

Williams' four-man crew has advised park officials to keep calling Reggie's name and to continue leaving him tortillas, chicken legs and other items he likes in hopes that he will re-emerge. He was last spotted at 10 p.m. Sunday.

"He may never be seen again. It may be that he pops up after everybody gets back here, or you may not see him for six months to a year."

Oh come on. Next!

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