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More than 200 journalists, authors, bloggers, Los Angeles political types and other readers of this here blog filled the outdoor deck of the Formosa Cafe in West Hollywood Thursday night for the first LA Observed Rooftop Party. Judging by the response and the vibe, I'd bet we do it again. The event was part wrap party for the LA Observed Script Project, part announcement of our newest blog — Sara Catania's Run On, about training for the L.A. Marathon (more on that later) — and part excuse to begin a new Los Angeles media tradition. I didn't get around to everybody, but I picked up lots of chatter about upcoming books and stories, Sam Zell, Andres Martinez, politics gossip, more Eric Longabardi horror tales, and support for ex-Metrolink spokeswoman Denise Tyrrell, who attended. Others who came out for the evening included new USC Annenberg Director Geneva Overholser, The Planning Report publisher David Abel, Crain Communications group publisher David Klein, Daily Journal editor Martin Berg, L.A. Times opinion editor Jim Newton, Huffington Post editor Marc Cooper, Daily News senior editor Oscar Garza, ex-DN editor Ron Kaye, CityBeat editor Rebecca Schoenkopf and publisher Charles Gerencser, UCLA Assistant Vice Chancellor Lawrence Lokman and L.A. Times Poll director Susan Pinkus.

The Dodgers' last regular season home game, Back to School Night all over town, travel plans and news deadlines kept some away, but those who could make it (not counting those I missed seeing) included:

Journalists: Mark Lacter, Eric Estrin, Judy Graeme, Jenny Burman, Veronique de Turenne, Karen Wada, Patt Morrison, Nick Goldberg, Amy Wallace, K.C. Cole, Murray Fromson, Laurie Pike, Greg Goldin, Laurie Becklund, Shawn Hubler, Cecilia Alvear, George Lewis, Josh Mankiewicz, Anne-Marie O'Connor, Sandy Banks, David Zahniser, Steve Harvey, Tia Lai, John Lippman, Mona Gable, Shana Ting Lipton, Peter Sanders, David Willis, Deborah Vankin, Michael Schneider, Pat Saperstein, Pandora Young, Roy Rivenburg, Stephanie Lysaght, Alan Mittelstaedt, Ed Boyer, Tom Christie, Marc Haefele, Cheryl Devall, Brooke Binkowski, Bill Shaikin, Gary Scott, Nona Yates, Emily Green, Iris Schneider, Tibby Rothman, Steve Appleford, Dennis Romero, Erik Himmelsbach, Doug Smith, Jerry Lazar, Gabriel Snyder, Dennis Wilen, Jim Kaplan, T.K. Nagano, Mimi Pond and Sue Doyle.

Authors: Denise Hamilton, Cari Beauchamp, Erika Schickel, Adrienne Crew, Joel Kotkin, Celeste Fremon, Rachel Resnick, J. Michael Walker, Naomi Hirahara, Nina Revoyr, Sandra Tsing Loh, Gary Phillips, Eric Lynxwiler, Colleen Dunn Bates, Scott Martelle, Amy Dawes and Julie Jaskol and Brian Lewis.

Blogs represented: LA Biz Observed, Native Intelligence, Chicken Corner, Here in Malibu, Huffington Post, Witness L.A., Marc Cooper, Franklin Avenue, Asymptotia, Kausfiles, Curbed LA, LA Metblogs, California Faultline, L.A. Now, Jacket Copy, Opinion L.A., Daily Mirror, Culture Monster, The Fabulous Forum, Latino L.A., The Griddle, Eating LA, Darleeneisms, Griffith Park Interrupted, 5th and Spring, Blog-LA-Sphere, Moxie, Not the LA Times, Advice Goddess, Valley Boy, Gary Scott, Culture Vulture and Steve Harvey.

Architecture, politics, PR and etc: Jack McGrath, Ross Johnson, Brenda Levin, Velma Montoya, Abelardo de la Peņa, Donna Bojarsky, Joel Sappell, Joel Bellman, Contessa Mankiewicz, Michael Oates Palmer, Elena Stern, Julie Wong, Dodi Fromson, Steve Grace, Tim DeRoche, Jim Schneeweis, Jackie Green, Claudia Luther, Phil Hampton, Meg Sullivan, Stuart Wolpert, Bob Magnuson, Glenn Bunting, James Bates, Tom Furlong and Doug Dowie.

Photo: Michael Schneider / Franklin Avenue

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