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LA Observed makes it six years

trutanichfox.jpgHey everybody, this month — meaning May — is our sixth anniversary. In post #1, I said I didn't know how active the site would be. Well, this is post 12,000-something, and so far this year we've had more than 1.8 million visits. Thanks for reading and growing with us. Most of the LA Observed authors gathered on the rooftop at the Formosa Cafe on Friday night to celebrate, joined by some readers, friends of the site and newsmakers. City Attorney-elect Carmen Trutanich got into a few lively conversations — here he is with Fox & Hounds Daily creator Joel Fox. Ron Kaye, the former Daily News editor turned blogger-activist, is behind Fox. Below are Los Angeles Times columnist Sandy Banks, on the right, and the LA Weekly's Alexia Tsotsis. Click the photos to see bigger.


After the jump: One-minute video and party names and photos.

Media, author and artist types spotted included Conan Nolan and Mekahlo Medina from KNBC 4; Cecilia Alvear, NBC News; Bruce Feirstein, Vanity Fair; Steve Randall, Playboy; Linda Deutsch, Associated Press; Will Lewis, Anil Dewan and Gary Scott, KCRW; John Rabe, Shirley Jahad and Sharon McNary, KPCC; Laurie Pike, Steve Oney, Jesse Katz, Donna Bojarsky and David Davis, Los Angeles magazine; Sandy Banks, Carla Hall, Jill Leovy, Robert J. Lopez, Steve Harvey, Tia Lai, Steve Stroud, Rosie Mestel and Keith Thursby, Los Angeles Times; Mickey Kaus and Andy Bowers,; Saul Gonzales, KCET; Matt Toledo, Los Angeles Business Journal publisher; David Abel, The Planning Report publisher; Marilyn Lee, UC Press; Jon Wiener, KPFK; Christian Berthelsen and Martin Berg, L.A. Daily Journal.

formosaabelclaudia.jpgAbel Salas, publisher of the Eastside journal Brooklyn & Boyle, with KNX 1070 reporter Claudia Peschiutta.

More media, authors and artists: Abel Salas, Brooklyn & Boyle; Abelardo de la Pena,; Erin Broadley and Alexia Tsotsis, LA Weekly; Claudia Peschiutta, KNX; Alan Mittelstaedt and Murray Fromson, USC Annenberg; David Willis, BBC; Colleen Bates, Prospect Park Books; Eddie North-Hager, Leimert Park Beat; Anna Scott, Downtown News; Jim Schneeweis, Angel City Press; Tibby Rothman, Venice Paper; plus Eric Lynxwiler, J. Michael Walker, Steve Appleford, Ella Taylor, Sharon Bell, Jerry Lazar, Rebecca Schoenkopf, Rachel Uranga, Barbara Isenberg, Amy Dawes, Jod Kaftan, Shana Ting Lipton, Karen Wada, Carol Stogsdill, William Kelly, Janet Wilson, Patricia Marroquin, Claudia Luther, Tom Trapnell, KC Cole, Tracy Wood, Laura Galloway, Linda Estrin, Sara Lippincott, Miles Corwin, Steve Hymon, Dodi Fromson, Donna Barstow, Gary Leonard, Jonathan Alcorn, Robert Landau, Matthew Fleischer, Michael Mullen, Ross Johnson, Laura Stegman, Amy Inouye, Stuart Rapeport, Helene Demeestere, Lesley Moon, Jeff Burbank and TK Nagano.

formosamonacarla.jpgMona Gable, blogger for the Huffington Post and Carla Hall, Los Angeles Times staff writer. Photo: Laura Galloway, Galloway Media Group

Blogs, politics, community: City Attorney-elect Carmen Trutanich; Emma Schafer, Current Affairs Forum; Gregory Rodriguez, Dulce Vasquez and Laura Villalpando, Zocalo Public Square; activist-blogger Ron Kaye; Allan Hoffenblum, California Target Book; Dakota Smith, editor of Curbed LA; Joel Fox and Joe Mathews, Fox & Hounds Daily; Pandora Young, Fishbowl LA; Mona Gable, Huffington Post; Joel Sapell, deputy to Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky; Celeste Fremon, Witness LA; Lucinda Michelle Knapp, MetBlogs; Jesus Sanchez, The Eastsider LA; Emily Green, Chance of Rain; Allan Parachini, LA Superior Court; Bart Reed, Transit Coalition; Cindy Olnick, Los Angeles Conservancy; Elena Stern, Para Los Ninos; Bob Timmermann, One Through Forty-Two or Forty-Three; Kevin McCollister, East of West LA, Billy Vasquez, 99-Cent Chef; Guy McCarthy, Watershed News; Rip Rense, The Rip Post; Jane Galbraith, DWP; Mary Daily, Liz Kivowitz Boatright-Simon, Alison Hewitt, Meg Sullivan, Todd Schindler, Seth Odell and Jillian Odell, UCLA; Geoffrey Baum, USC; George Foulsham, UC Santa Barbara; Rebecca Avila, UC Irvine law school; Toshio Whelchel, Irvine Valley College; Lisa Landworth, Landworth DeBolske architects; David Gershwin, Cerrell Associates; plus Fred MacFarlane, Velma Montoya, Contessa Mankiewicz, Jeffrey Millman, Branimir Kvartuc and Zan Dubin Scott.

formosaracheldakotagreg.jpgRachel Uranga, Curbed LA editor Dakota Smith, Zocalo Public Square founder Gregory Rodriguez. Photo by Cecilia Alvear.

Hollywood: Richard Schickel; Scott Kaufer; Dale Launer; Variety columnists Brian Lowry and Anne Thompson and writers Pat Saperstein, Dave McNary and Dana Harris; Alex Ben Block from the Hollywood Reporter; Cary Baker; Robert Welkos; Devra Maza.

formosalowry.jpgVariety columnist Brian Lowry.

formosakatzlopez.jpgJesse Katz, Los Angeles magazine and Robert J. Lopez, Los Angeles Times staff writer. Photo: Laura Galloway, Galloway Media Group.

LAO Observed contributors who were able to make it included Mark Lacter, Bill Boyarsky, Steve Greenberg, Judy Graeme, Veronique de Turenne, Erika Schickel, David Rensin, Denise Hamilton, Deanne Stillman, Sara Catania, Adrienne Crew, TJ Sullivan, Eric Estrin and Victor Merina. Here are their bios and archives.

formosatjrensin.jpgAuthors and LA Observed contributors TJ Sullivan and David Rensin.

formosajudyvictor.jpgLA Observed contributors Judy Graeme and Victor Merina.

Photos by LA Observed unless noted

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