OMG, Zell's dude gets another show

leeabramsshow.jpgGawker can't contain its sarcasm about Sam Zell's bankrupt Tribune's latest gift to America's airwaves. Instead of just flying his prop job around the Midwest to have unhealthy lunches on the Tribune's dime, official company innovator Lee Abrams will host "The History of the Future." From Gawker:

What is it? Boogidyboogidy!

It is TV on shrooms, of course, just like Lee Abrams' day job is running a newspaper on shrooms. You don't think Lee Abrams himself wrote this description of his edumacational teevee project? It bears a certain resemblance to his memos!


...This experiment in modern television may be an unmitigated disaster that lacks taste, good judgment and any remote form of political correstness.

The release actually blends the rambling emptiness and exclamation points of Abrams' satire-inspiring company-wide innovation memos with the sophomoric humor of those innovative Tribune press releases of a couple years back. Anyway, the show debuts Saturday.

Earlier today: Zell talks on video about how it all went wrong for him at Tribune.

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