Sounds like slim hope for District Weekly *

LongBeachReport.com just talked to Heather Swaim at the District Weekly, who confirmed last night's report that the paper is on the verge of closing. She left open hope that something else could come up.

This is a very sad time for me and it looks like we're closing the paper but I am open to anything can happen.

And I love this paper and I have always loved what it meant to the community. I love alternative journalism and the paper has been important to me in what it represents. Long Beach is a tight community and it feels like the paper truly represents that. It was a community service.

All I have left to say for today, because there's so much for me to do...is that I love the people that I work. It is [voice catches, long pause] it's just a really talented group of people who I've loved working with, and if the paper closes I will miss them dearly.

LB Post.com is reporting an email from editor-in-chief Ellen Griley saying the District Weekly is indeed closing. The OC Weekly, which had a close relationship with the Long Beach paper from the start, posts: "Godspeed, friends." Nothing since Monday at the District Weekly's staff blog.

* Post-lunch update: Griley sent an email this afternoon breaking the news to writers and others:


It is with deep sadness that I deliver news that you may have already heard: The District is folding. And . . . there's not really much else to say, other than to thank you—SO MUCH—for working with me these past few years. It's been an honor. We made quite a beautiful baby.

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