Gold and Gold, mano a mano

j-gold-mark-gold.jpgJonathan Gold — the enthusiastic fish gourmand — and his brother Mark Gold — the head of Heal the Bay — will be on the same panel tomorrow night talking about the sustainability of seafood. It's sort of a rermatch, if you remember their 2008 blog throwdown. (MG: "I'm frustrated...every day of my life, but never more than when I read about the latest threatened species that Jonathan has gleefully consumed." JG: "The purity of my diet cannot be said to approach your daily menu of beef, diet root beer and pre-shredded cheese...") That will likely be on the minds of the media savvier audience, I suspect, though chef Michael Cimarusti of Providence and Santa Monica Seafood buyer Logan Kock will take part too. Zocalo's listing takes a drama-free tack, but at his blog Mark Gold isn't above a bit of promotion:

Jonathan has the advantage. This is definitely a foodie audience and, as moderator, he has control of the mike. I still have a fighter’s chance because the topic is sustainable seafood and Jonathan may not have been in an ocean since his high school days....

Personally, I’m eager to add a little excitement to the proceedings with some discussions on Jonathan’s not-so-sustainable food choices. I’m no vegan, but some of the animals that have passed through his gullet would give a mako shark pause, let alone an environmental scientist like me. As I’ve often said, Jonathan eats everything I try to protect. It definitely makes for some interesting dinnertime discussions.

This Zocalo event is at the Skirball.

Also: See what's inside Jonathan Gold's microwave

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