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Children's Hospital embraces the apostrophe

childrens-hosp-logo.jpgNotice anything wrong with that logo? For 110 years, Childrens Hospital has been a Los Angeles institution with a flaw. Its name, in the official papers and everywhere else, was spelled wrong. The missing apostrophe has now been added, making it — finally — Children's Hospital. Patt Morrison, speaking for the Eats, Shoots & Leaves crowd, is thrilled.

Of all the minor irritants I encounter about life in Los Angeles -- and you have your list too -- one of mine has been remedied....

Every press release, every news story about the hospital's world-class work and every big bright sign on the place has read "Childrens Hospital."

Blame my spell-checking soul, but I found this so irksome that I considered leaving the hospital a bequest for the express purpose of buying the apostrophe to correct the name.

LA's most prominent previous apostrophe was the one that retail institution Bullock's Wilshire dropped from its name in a desperate bid to stay relevant before closing its doors. [Wonder why that didn't work?] When you walk past the former flagship at Wilshire and Westmoreland, you can still see the marred surfaces where the proper little hooks used to hang.

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