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Injured by sidewalk, Fox 11 reporter ready to quit Los Angeles

gigi graciette_fox11.jpgLongtime Fox 11 reporter Gigi Graciette describes in a blog post for the station that she broke her foot by tripping on a damaged sidewalk in Van Nuys recently. She wasn't on a cellphone or distracted, she jst got caught by an uplifted part of the concrete. "I looked around to see if anyone was coming to help but no one came," Graciette writes. "I made eye contact with a lady sitting in the passenger seat of a gold SUV and even though she clearly saw me laying there, she turned her attention back to her cell phone without even asking if I needed help."

It's what else Graciette wrote that is noteworthy. She goes on a screed about everything she sees going wrong about Los Angeles and concludes, "I’m hurting and I’m sad and mad. I love Los Angeles but just like a toxic relationship, I’m beginning to feel the city isn’t good for me anymore."


Between a DWP bill that’s doubled for no reason other than their ineptitude, the potholes, the crime, the toxic gas leak, the traffic, the days without water because of pipes going boom, the local park unusable because it’s been turned into a city-sanctioned homeless RV park and now the sidewalks, I am beginning to think it’s time to break up with LA.

Or maybe LA has already broken up with me.


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