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So long, and thanks here's a fish

cody-martin-fish.jpgCody Martin captured a large yellowtail by hand off the Manhattan Beach pier — thanks to some dolphins who stunned the fish then left it behind. Outdoors blogger Pete Thomas explains:

A large pod of common dolphins was feeding on sardines and the cetaceans apparently took exception to the yellowtail's presence in their feeding area.

"The dolphins were using the yellowtail as a toy," Martin said.

The dolphins did not eat the 40-pound yellowtail, but left it injured and floundering on the surface. Martin and his dad, Eric, were watching from the end of the pier and could not identify the fish.

So Cody decided to paddle his blue surfboard out to investigate while Eric, facility director at the pier's Roundhouse Marine Studies Lab and Aquarium, watched through binoculars.

Cody soon realized it was a yellowtail, and discovered that it was beyond saving.

More at Thomas's website, including how Cody and his dad prepared the fish that night.

Photo: Eric Martin/Pete Thomas

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