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Weird story o' the day: Dorner's mom at bar watching standoff

dorner-mom-gile.jpgChannels 2 and 9 say that reporter Michele Gile walked into La Capilla Mexican Restaurant in La Palma around 3:30 this afternoon. She was in the area to report on Christopher Dorner's mother, who lives nearby, and had gone into the restaurant to use the bathroom. Passing through the bar, Gile said she chatted with a woman drinking white wine and eating chips and salsa who was watching the breaking news on Dorner from the Big Bear area on TV. The woman and her female companion said they knew nothing about Dorner. Gile then drove to the mother's home. About ten minutes later a woman identified by neighbors as the mother drove up and went inside — and yes, it was the woman from La Capilla.

"Right after you left, she got nervous," bartender Joseph Munoz later told Gile. "She started asking me questions, like if I knew (Dorner)…what I know about him…stuff like that. She was watching the TV, but she wasn’t really concerned about it. She was busy talking to her friend, like it was just an everyday thing.”

Also this: CBS 2 got pranked during the coverage and doesn't realize it's happening until the prankster can't take it any more: "You're a real dumb ass — you still don't know this is a prank?"

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