Kind of funny: 'Reasons LA is the worst place ever'

A tongue-in-cheek rip on living in Los Angeles from a transplanted Londoner has some amusing observations, along with some cliches. 'Jamie Lee Curtis Taete,' if that's his real name, is a self-described "guy who likes the thing everyone else hates just to annoy people," so he claims he sought to bond with LA. Some of the last straws for him are that David Spade has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame — "which, essentially, means that David Spade is one of the city's most celebrated residents" — that people hedge about their real jobs and there is too much fear of Scientology. Plus there's too much "hippie bullshit," a restaurant that calls itself an "urban taco fabricator," and finally the menu and general attitude at Larchmont's Cafe Gratitude. From


This is the menu at a place called Cafe Gratitude. All of their dishes have "positive affirmations" rather than "names," so when you order you're supposed to be like "I am beautiful" to the waiter, and then the waiter will look at you all sincere and go "you ARE beautiful!" *shudder*

When I've told friends from back home about Cafe Gratitude they've been like, "ew, are you fucking kidding me? That place sounds like the worst thing ever," but here, people are all "I don't see what your problem is, dude. Try not being so negative all the time."

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Kind of funny: 'Reasons LA is the worst place ever'
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Kind of funny: 'Reasons LA is the worst place ever'
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