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Big departure from NBC 4's newsroom

nbc-door.jpgExecutive producer Wendy Harris has been at Channel 4 for three decades. She's retiring and there was a gathering for her this week. Here's the newsroom memo earlier this month from the VP for news.

To: @NBC Uni KNBC Newsroom
Cc: @NBC Uni KNBC Department Heads
Subject: One of a Kind

Most of the time when people talk about their life, they talk about it in the number of years they have lived, how many months they did something, or even how many days. Often those numbers can be high.

However, if you think about life in terms of the number of decades you get, if you're fortunate you get 7, 8, maybe 9 decades.

When you think of it that way, most people don't do many things for even a decade. High School and College are 4 years and most people don't stay in the same job for even 10 years – 1 decade.

So when someone does something for 3 decades, all at the same place, that is truly an amazing testament not only to that person's skills, but also to their commitment to the people around them.

Wendy Harris has spent 3 decades here at NBC4. What's more remarkable is that in probably more than 2 decades of her time here, she has had her hands in the #1 11pm newscast in Los Angeles. Whether she was working as a producer or EP, Wendy delivered.

Wendy is retiring at the end of this year.

Most of you know Wendy from her time here at NBC4, but she did work at KPIX in San Francisco, KFMB in San Diego and even a station in Boston that was so bad she doesn’t even remember the call letters.

As the chapter in her broadcast career comes to close, another one begins. Wendy is getting married next week to her long-time partner Marvin. Together they will enjoy life outside of a newsroom.

Inside the newsroom, we will miss Wendy’s laugh, her insight into LA news history and most of all the comfort of knowing no matter what time of day or day of the week, if there’s a big story, Wendy would be here.

No doubt, there are two things Wendy will keep in-tact after her time here at NBC4: the friendships she has forged and the large supply of sugar-free Red Bull.

As one person said today, Wendy Harris has cemented her legacy in Los Angeles Broadcast News History. She is one of the best of all time. We are fortunate to have worked with her and know her.

She is one of kind.

We will celebrate Wendy’s career on Thursday Dec. 20th, more details to come on this.

Sincerely, Todd

Todd Mokhtari
NBC4 VP of News

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